All You Need To Know About Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's Special Wedding Dinner Party

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 21, 2018

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone got hitched. From the host of the dinner party to the wedding reception venue, here are all the details for you.

The wedding that all of us have been waiting for is the talk of the town. Ranveer Singh got married to Deepika Padukone at the beautiful Lake Como (Italy). The wedding took place for 2 days, from 14th to 15th November. After that, the happy couple posted several stunning images of their wedding. These images had also spread widely on the social media. Today, the DeepVeer couple is going to host a wedding reception. The place they chose was Leela Palace, a hotel in Bengaluru.

There will be a dinner event in celebrating DeepVeer's wedding. Below is some information related to this party as you may not know before.


The Host Of The Dinner Event

According to an inside source, Ritika Bhavnani would host the dinner party. She is the sister of the groom. The event is going to take place on November 24th.


Where The Dinner Event Happens

Based on some other sources, Ranveer and Deepika's dinner event is going to take place in Mumbai. The venue might be the famous hotel Grand Hyatt.


The Guests Are Ready

Ranveer's sister, also the host of the affair, had prepared everything well. She already sent the invitations to all the guests. The specific guests got invitation 4 days ago. They are all set to toast in celebrating the happy couple wedding.


Not A Public Event

Although there are lots of people wanting to take part in this special event, not everyone can get the invitation. As same as their wedding, they only invite a few guests. It is going to be a private affair.


The Three Wedding Receptions

There will be two wedding receptions for Ranveer and Deepika. Today, the first one takes place in Bengaluru. Then on December 28th, there will be another reception. This event is for DeepVeer's beloved ones, includes their family members and also several close friends. The second reception will happen in Mumbai. After that, another reception event will take place right at the beginning of December.  This one is especially for their Bollywood friends.

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