Disha Patani Shares Her Perfect Backflip Video Leaving Her Fans Amazed

Nalini Suri |Jul 13, 2019

Recently, Disha Patani stunned her fans by sharing a video showing her flawless skill of backflip. Watch the video!

Through recent times, Disha Patani is one of the certain names netizens have mentioned the most on social media. With the perfect body and good-looking appearance, the gorgeous actress has kept her followers to stay in love with her. The pretty lady often updates her own amazing pics on Instagram, however, the real thing to draw the most attention from everyone is her acrobatics videos.

Disha Patani

To keep the perfect form of the body, Disha has had to practice throughout fitness and workouts. She often shares several videos and stills during her training regime leaving us stunned by her commitment.

Disha Patani

In a recent day, the Bharat actress posted a video of executing a flawless backflip with the caption:


We can see in the video, Disha Patani performed the backflip by herself with graceful skill. Those who also join the fitness all know that it takes time to execute a perfect backflip which is so powerfully challenging that it discovers the limits of athleticism, flexibility, and grace in one. That’s why her fans were so amazed when watching her video then immediately sprinkled her post with stars of praises, especially for her flexibility.

In her acting career, Disha Patani last appeared in Bharat which also featured superstar Salman Khan. The film became a blockbuster at the box office and also boosted Disha’s dancing performance in Slow Motion song to be a hit above all the masses. Now the actress is heading to her new character in Malang, Mohit Suri’s directorial.


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