Director Aanand L Rai Shares Hilarious Moments To Celebrate One Year Of “Zero”

Ankita Chetana |Dec 23, 2019

To mark one year of “Zero” celebration ahead, director Aanand L Rai posted a collection of his photos with the cast along with Shah Rukh Khan’s quote.

On the celebration of one year of Zero, director, as well as filmmaker Aanand L Rai, took to his Twitter account to recall the mark of the movie. Releasing on December 21st last year, the director shared a collection of his pictures alongside the main cast of the film including Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, and Katrina Kaif.

One Year Of Zero

In his tweet, Aanand captured the quote by the king of romance in which he showed that he got well with the failure of Zero. The filmmaker also sent a message through his tweet that he loves Shah Rukh Khan. See his tweet as below:

And here is the full-screen cap of King Khan’s quote after the unlucky downfall of his much-hyped collaboration with Aanand L Rai.

SRK quote on one year of zero

SRK had a reason to deliver the above quote as none other than him and Aanand put a lot of bosoms and efforts to turn it to be a hit at the box office. For the uninitiated, the budget of the film cost up to Rs 200 crore, marking King Khan’s most-invested film over time. Meanwhile, its concept used VFX for the effects to feature SRK as the dwarf called Bauua Singh.

After the release of Zero, many opposite reviews came to the film from both movie critics and the audiences as well. Many of them liked it while many others didn’t want to watch it or pay a heart for the film.

As a result, the movie earned only Rs 90.28 crore at the Indian box office but after it went online, Zero was amongst the most-watched movies.


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