Diljit Dosanjh On The Identity Of Being A Star And An Artist

Jyotis |Jul 02, 2019

Diljit thinks the concept of a star hasn't been the same. Nobody regards him as a star way back home, at least his mother.

Diljit Dosanjh perceives the traditional operation of the entertainment industry has totally altered with the new wave of talents from numerous playgrounds. “Star mechanism” is giving in to artists. 

Diljit does not think there’s such thing like a "star" anymore. People appreciate an artist just because you are making art, not because you are a star. “There are very few stars today, there are more artists. Which is very good,” Diljit added.

 Diljit Dosanjh
Image: Hindustan Times

Diljit made his debut at the same time with Udta Punjab, regarded the social media as a magical distributor for singers and actors’ talent to reach out to the worldwide audiences. These “stars in the making” take all of the seriousness even in small short videos.

Just one work ethics: You are working hard because you appreciate the opportunity to work hard, not because you want to prove your first-class worth. Diljit being sincere: “Whatever God has given me, I feel blessed but I don’t take it for granted. There are much better looking, more talented people, sometimes one gets an opportunity and that’s all luck.”

Image: Times of India

The 35-year-old actor does not have any signs of insecurity at the unceasing rise of new talented faces. “Opportunity is a key which describes Punjabi artistes ability to multitask. Most of them write, sing, act and produce their own content. That’s because when there are fewer opportunities, one does everything on their own,” Dijit reasoned.

“We had heard Kaala Chashma long back, it comes to Bollywood and becomes a hit again. Everyone benefits. Hindi has a massive reach. So singers get a platform as well.” As Dijit perceives, this is only a win-win situation.

Diljit’s next performance is going to be in the upcoming spoof-comedy Arjun Patiala, together with Kriti Sanon and Varun Sharma. This time, Diljit will be taking the role of an eccentric police officer from a small town. Nevertheless, the actor admits the difficulty despite several Punjabi hit comedies.

He does not think he is a “Mr. Know It All” when it comes to comedy. “To make people laugh is not easy. Written material, the story and situation matter a lot. In Punjabi films, I do give me inputs. In Hindi not really.”

Image: Hindustan Times

The reason is quite clear, Diljit is more confident about the Punjabi language, which he does not have the same control with Hindi. “In Hindi, I just follow,” the actor admitted, instead of cleverly playing around and improvising the script as he always does. But this does not stop him from giving it a try.

“All it takes is two minutes for me to say yes or no to a script. I had to do this one the moment I heard it.”

Arjun Patiala is written by Ritesh Shah and Sandeep Leyzell, directed by Rohit Jugraj. The movie will be released on July 26.


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