Deepika Sheds Tears When Ranveer Thanked Her For Keeping Him Centred. Watch Video

Leela Adwani |Dec 17, 2018

"In the past six years, if I have achieved anything, it is because you have kept me grounded and centred. So thank you for everything and I love you," Ranveer said at the awards function.

The public knows how the desi boy Ranveer Singh adores his lady love Deepika Padukone and how easily Mrs. Bhavnani sheds tears. The viewers witnessed both these phenomena at the Star Screen Awards held in Mumbai. Speaking at the function, Ranveer made a declaration about love and gratitude for his wife, Deepika Padukone.

The actor said:

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For the record, Ranveer won the award for best actor for the film Padmaavat.

The fact is that Ranveer’s tagline on any social media handle reads ‘living the dream.’ Perhaps he perceives the dangers of letting stardom ruin is his life, and the one who keeps him on the right track has been his wife, Deepika.

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Which brings the actor to the audience is perhaps the film Piku 2015. She had also received an award for a role in this film. At the awards function, the actress had read a particular letter sent by her father, Prakash Padukone, a legendary shuttler. It featured the most significant life lessons that a dad could give to his children. Wherein he advised them to always put 100% effort into whatever they do and do it with passion and stay humble in their life.

Tears rolled down when Deepika read the letter, and she tried a bit to hold them back. The viewers had a chance to witness this moment again as she did so for her husband, Ranveer.

It is relatively adorable when the duo never fails to say thanks to each other. At the function in Mumbai, Ranveer Singh said he was like a superhero when marrying to Deepika and even recommended marriage to one and all. Deepika, at the Choice awards, also called herself Ranveer Singh Padukone’s wife.


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