Deepika Padukone Faces Pregnancy Rumour: Motherhood Trumps Being Married

Kareena Kusari |Dec 31, 2018

In her opinion, the maternity will naturally occur when it is forced to happen.

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Bollywood admirers can’t certainly forget the stunning images of the artist couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s nuptials. That fairy-tale and dreamy wedding took place at Lake Como, Italy last November.

Although it has merely been more than one month from that moment, the duo’s fans have had further discussions about the couple’s future - their cute children.

In a recent interview, Deepika shared her opinions on the problem of motherhood with an entertainment website. From her point of view, the maternity will naturally occur when it has to take place. Learning from those with motherhood experience, she confided, "Motherhood trumps being married." Obviously, this issue will take place at a certain point. However, it was unfair “to put women through that, to put a couple through that. I guess the day we stop asking questions is when we will bring about change," stated she.

Before the recent rumours of her pregnancy, Deepika felt there is no need "to tackle". As a public figure, she has been familiar with the "constant speculation" from the public opinion. Occasionally, there are some rumours which are true. Plus, after that, people will speculate and add details to the stories before the insiders reveal them publicly. Sometimes, they are completely false. That is the entertainment industry’s "nature," said she.

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Excitingly, Deepika revealed that when she first met her current husband, the actor Ranveer Singh, in 2012, the actress was unwilling to commit to a relationship with him. At that moment, Deepika was experiencing a feeling of disappointment after her breakdown and had a cynical view of love. In spite of sensing a close connection between the two, Deepika still wanted to maintain an open relationship with Ranveer. Nonetheless, they subsequently sent each other a sincere love and ended their six-year relationship by the intimate wedding last November.

On the work front, Ranveer is enjoying the victory of his movie Simmba just hitting the worldwide cinemas on December 28, 2018. The film starring Ranveer and Sara Ali Khan has held the first position among his highest-grossing opening movie as raking in Rs 44.05 crore after two days of its premiere.

Deepika, in the meantime, will shortly start filming her upcoming movie Chhapaak. It is based on the real life of Laxmi Agarwal, a survivor from the acid attack. In addition to Deepika, the film also features the actor Vikrant Massey in the lead role.

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