Dassehra first look: Neil Nitin MuKesh features Encounter Specialist

Author |Sep 25, 2018

'Dassehra' with Neil Nitin Mukesh will be a hit! Are you ready?

In the upcoming film 'Dassehra', Neil Nitin Mukesh is playing an honest cop.

Known for his favor for grey characters, Neil surprised the fans for choosing this role for the new project Dassehra. Recently became a dad, Neil appeared in a rugged avatar in the leaked poster of Dassehra. To be specific, the poster portraits Neil as a bloodied but unbent cop, captioned “Unrighteous destructive sins or fears”. The character that Neil plays is an encounter specialist, very honest in characteristic.

The film's producers have introduced that it will be a political thriller, which was written based on a true story revolving around crime and politics. The plot starts from a politically destabilized state, where there are underground networks connecting cunning politicians and reckless mafias. The story then follows Neil's character - an honest cop - through adverse circumstances in between that complicated world.

Dassehra Neil Nitin Mukesh

It is interesting to know a little bit about the plot.
Let's wait and see how the film will be different from the actual story.

During his talk to IANS earlier, Neil shared a shocking truth.

Aside from Dassehra, the audience also meets Neil in Shortcut Romeo. Unlike Dassehra, Shortcut Romeo stars Neil against Puja Gupta and Ameesha Patel. And then there is 3G as well, which stars Sonal Chauhan. Richa Chadda and David with Monica Dogra also star beside Neil in Ishqeria. Yes, you have counted correctly. Neil is juggling five different films at the same time. The actor claims that he still manages his sleep between all of the chaos from such tight schedule.

This is what he had to say: “I want to make sure that at least four to five films release in this year. So it will be a busy year.” Well, let's hope his health enables him to follow through such a tiring schedule. Quality has always been more important than quality. But we can hope that Neil has what it takes to perfect both of those!

Once again about Dassehra, the film will hit the screen on October 26.

Yes, not sooner nor later, October 26! The film is directed by Manish Vatsalya and produced by Aparana S Hosing. Let's start the Neil-series with this film, as after that, we still have 4 more on the list: Shortcut Romeo, 3G, Ishqeria and David. Congratulations to Neil fans around the world. It looks like they will have a very long holiday enjoying all of Neil's upcoming blockbusters.


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