'Chhapaak' Title Track: Deepika Padukone And Laxmi Agarwal Get Emotional During 'Chhapaak' Song Launch

Rose Advani |Jan 04, 2020

Chhapaak Title Track has been launched, getting lots of tears from Deepika Padukone and Laxmi Agarwal during the launch. Don't miss the precious moment!

Since the launch of the Chhapaak trailer at the end of last year, Chhapaak created a buzz in Bollywood. The Chhapaak trailer got high appreciation and a huge number of viewers.

Chhapaak Title Track
Deepika Padukone and Laxmi Agarwal at the launch Of Chhapaak Title Track

Today, their song of Chhapaak has been released, Chhapaak Title Track. Here is a special moment with the presence of Vikrant Massey, Deepika Padukone, director Meghna Gulzar, and especially, the acid-attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal.

Chhapaak Title Track
Deepika cannot stop crying when hearing Gulzar's Saab's words

During the Q & A section of the launch, Deepika and Laxmi can not control their feelings and their tears come out. Deepika impressed that Chhapaak Title Track is so different from other film songs. Though they can’t happy about the songs Chhapaak Title Track is the soul of the film. Here are precious moments during the special launch.

When hearing Gulzar's Saab's praises:

Screenshot 1

Chhapaak Title Track
Deepika and Laxmi encourage each other by a bright smile

Deepika broke down and Laxmi tries to help her to control her feeling, but the actress cannot stop crying.

Chhapaak will officially launch on January 10, 2020.


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