Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweet: Twinkle Khanna On Akshay Kumar - Mallika Dua Controversy

Rose Advani |Oct 20, 2019

Twinkle Khanna has posted a length tweet to apologize for her previous Tweet on Akshay Kumar - Mallika Dua Controversy. Her tweets has become one of Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweets.

Last November, Akshay Kumar made an inappropriate comment on Mallika Dua on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge show. Then the Bollywood actor was slammed by the father of Mallika Dua.

Akshay Kumar - Mallika Dua Controversy
Akshay Kumar - Mallika Dua Controversy

When the controversy became serious, Twinkle Khanna, the wife of Akshay posted her tweet to support her husband to this controversy and made everything worse and worse. And her tweets has become one of Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweets.

The author of Mrs Funnybones and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad had received a bad response on social media when she supported her husband and shared on her Twitter account silly jokes on "bells" and "duas".

Later, Twinkle Khanna had posted a length-tweet to apologize and expect the Freud can be solved in peace. She shared how miserable she got since posting her reaction to Mallika Dua Akshay Kumar controversy.

Twinkle Khanna
Twinkle Khanna is better known as an author, film producer, and the wife of Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar and Mallika Dua controversy around his inappropriate comment

The controversy happened when Mallika and Zakir Hussain were fired from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, and Akshay was the judge. A few weeks later, the comedian Mallika shared an unaired video of the show on Twitter. The video showed that Akshay gave her inappropriate words "Aap ghanti bajaiye, main apki bajata hu (You ring the bell and I shall bang you)."

And Vinod Dua, the father of Mallika gave a severe response to Akshay: "I am going to screw this cretin Akshay Kumar for telling his co-worker Mallika Dua that "aap bell bajao main aap ko bajata hun. This is his sense of humour and language. Star Plus. Wake up."

Akshay has not had any response to the controversy yet.

Twinkle Khanna reacted the controversy as a wife

At the rough time, his wife Twinkle Khanna defended him by posting on her twitter “I couldn't resist these two and after this I am done :) #LameJokes that made the controversy worse.

Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweet
Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are in Top 30 Bollywood Most Powerful Couple

Then she shared her opinion about the controversy, she wrote: “I would like to address the controversy on the sets of 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'. The show has a bell which the judges ring after a contestant’s exceptional performance and Dua went forward to ring the bell, Kumar said, ‘Mallika ji aap bell bajao main aap ko bajata hun’.”

“A pun on the words and actions related to ringing the bell. It’s a colloquial phrase that both men and women use - for instance, ‘I am going to bajao him/her’ or ‘I got bajaoed’, all without sexist connotations,” she added.

Mallika responded by posting tweets to protect her father

Responding to the tweets of Twinkle, Mallika retweeted the post of Twinkle with the caption "HAHAHAH…." which was one of Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweets.

And posted another tweet with the content: “That’s the thing about parents. They are protective of their children whether they are 5 or whether they are 28”. And "My father, who watched the leaked video, was left seething at the sight and sound of his daughter being subject to this idea of humor and banter by her colleague at her workplace. Even while I ignored it, he made his stance clear, as he generally does, indirectly making me question what kind of a feminist and person I am," Mallika said.

Malika Dua
Mallika Dua defended her father by a length tweet

Twinkle Khanna eased the controversial by her "apologize" post

The response of Mallika went along with some of the supporters. The majority believe that the young comedian was trying to get her fame from the controversy. And Twinkle Khanna recognized that her reaction has made everything worse and she had posted a length post to apologize.

She wrote, "I would like to apologize to everyone who felt that I was trivializing the cause of feminism especially because I strongly believe in equality and have been a feminist from the time I was a young woman, much before I even knew the term."

However, the young comedian Mallika seems not to forgive for the inappropriate words of Akshay. Her recent post on her Instagram proved that.

Mallika wrote, "Always remember. Each time you feel weak, each time you feel lesser than your equals, each time you feel you've been made to feel lesser for no reason and that the fight has just about begun, when you feel society and the got have not given you your due, hold up a sanitary pad and post a picture of it on Instagram. You will feel empowered. So empowered. Bye."

Mallika Dua is a young comedian joined the show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge
Mallika Dua is a young comedian joined the show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

Akshay challenged Bollywood celebrities to hold up a sanitary pad to fight the taboos around menstruation in the promotion for Pad Man. It's clear that Mallika still hasn't forgiven Akshay Kumar for his comments to her during The Great Indian Challenge Show.

The public judged that Mallika deliberately takes advantage of this controversy to get fame, it was rough enough, she should end up all now.

The apologies post of Twinkle Khanna is regarded as the ending sign of the controversy that gave hurts all guys engaged in, also, one of Bollywood’s Most Controversial Tweets.

Once again, we admire the actor Akshay Kumar when he decided to keep silent during the controversy. In the entertainment world full of tricks and traps, silence is golden. Also, celebrities should take consideration in each word they are intending to say that may cause trouble when they are the face of the public.

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