Bollywood Star Ayushmann Khurrana’s Wife Told about Her Cancer Fight

Author |Sep 27, 2018

Tahira Kashyap went through a difficult time in her life. The writer revealed that she had carried out diagnostic tests. Moreover, she received treatment for early stage breast cancer.

She advised that women should take mammogram earlier. If you have any breast cancer symptom, you should go to the doctor.

Ayushmann had an interview to the press. He shared Tahira’s latest health condition. After she had known about her high grade DCIS, she decided to undergo a surgery. He was happy for his wife. She recovered from the operation.

Tahira Kashyap wrote an article on cancer. The title of the article is “Cancer can happen to anyone” . Ayushmann shared it in a tweet and sent a message to his wife.

He said that her courage was an inspiration to him.  She was strong enough to overcome her challenge.  Moreover, she shared it with everyone. She helped him look on the bright side of life.

Tahira Kashyap revealed how she undertook a mastectomy. She also gave the reason why she shared her story with other women. She recommended that women under age 35 should start regular mammograms. The doctor persuaded her to take the exam. Luckily, she found out her health problem in time. She was possible to get well soon.


Tahira advised women to get checkups regularly. Health exams can save their lives. Some Indian women hesitated to take breast self- examination. It was the easiest way to detect breast cancer. In addition, they were afraid to seeing the doctor. In fact, it was normal to do it. Their health was worth it.

Tahira had a great admiration for Sonali Bendre. She considered Sonali Bendre as a hero. Sonali Bendre fought against her disease. However, she was very optimistic about her condition. Her fans could see her cheerful moments when she undertook treatment in New York. Her colleagues also supported her in the hard time. She was thankful for the good wishes. Besides, she shared many meaningful messages on social media. She raised public awareness of  cancer.

Moreover, Tahira followed Sonali’s posts. She was actually appreciated Sonali’s spirit. Because Solid wrote an inspirational story for cancer patients. Solid hoped that women would be courageous enough to fight cancer. For this reason, Tahira could maintain positive attitude to her disease. She hoped that she would be a great warrior like Sonali Bendre. She could warn women about harmful effects of cancer. It is important for women to care about their health.


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