Believe Or Not, Arjun Rampal’s Girlfriend Gets Her Former Shape Just 11 Days After Giving Birth!

Jyotis |Aug 03, 2019

Earlier today, followers of Gabriella all got astonished to see Instagram Stories posts of her amazing weight loss after just giving birth.

Today, Gabriella took to Instagram to share pictures of her post-pregnancy body and left us in awe with her weight loss. Take a look at her pictures below.

Gabriella Demetriades
Image: Pinkvilla

Even earlier, on 18 July Gabriella Demetriades has given birth to a baby boy. The proud parents were over the moon to share the good news on social media. Just days ago they revealed their baby’s name and uploaded an adorable photo of the child’s tiny weeny fingers.

The newborn kid’s name is said to be “Arik Rampal”. But today all the attention is focused on the mother’s unbelievable weight loss when she posted the last pictures of her body post-pregnancy on Instagram.

Arikram Palmain
Image: Pinkvilla

Those were the classic “before and after” pictures. The pictures were chronological, from the very last days before giving birth and her working out routine after the delivery. Gabriella did not forget to share more details: "So this was me 3 weeks ago... a week before giving birth to my beautiful boy (almost 10 pounds of him) I had picked up 21 kgs in 9th month of pregnancy. This seems like a story everyone wants to hear. It was not easy to watch my body go through that, however, I trusted the process. I continued working out, not perhaps the same level of training I was used to but I worked out almost 5 days a week. I ate what I wanted but in moderation and I rested when my body told me to."

"I am blessed and grateful to have had a natural delivery and I have to say, the body is an amazing thing. I watched as I brought life into this world and I couldn’t care less about what I looked like doing it,” the model writes more in the next picture. We care so much about how we look and little about how we actually feel. 21 kgs heavier and I never felt better. All I really cared about is that my baby was happy and healthy. But now, I’m on the road to getting my old self back. I get asked all the time what my regime is, what I’m eating. What I’m doing," she further added.

Image: Hindustan Times

That’s definitely amazing how it took Gabriella just 11 days after giving birth to lose much weight.


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