Ayushmann Khurrana Wife's First Public Appearance After Breast Cancer Surgery

ThuHTN |Oct 03, 2018

Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife, who was brave to overcome a severe disease, appeared on an opening day with her famous husband.

Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife, who won the fight against cancer, appeared on an opening day with her famous husband.

Tahira Kashyap looked cheerful after she had carried out a mastectomy since detecting her early stage breast cancer. She was energetic in a short white dress, created by the popular designer Shahin Manna.

Tahira has attended in a public event for the first time since she recovered from her bad health, yet she was comfortable to pose for press photographers. Ayushmann Khurrana introduced his latest film “AndhaDhun” on this occasion and the celebrity couple smile at each other at every moment.

The other Bollywood stars joined in the opening day, including Vicky Kaushal and actress Bhumi Pednekar.

The film director Sriram Raghavan appeared with the leading actor Radhika Apt. The glamorous female actor, stealing the spotlight in the event, captivated audiences as her strong character in the movie.

The comedy thriller film was released on 5 October, but AndhaDhun captured viewers’ attention on the early days.

On September, Tahira posted a photo on Instagram to talk about her health condition. It surprised fans that she received treatment for breast cancer, for her doctor warned that she had symptoms of breast cancer.The young mother made a courageous decision to undergo a surgery to recover from the deadly disease.

Tahira told about the difficult choice of taking a mastectomy on an article. She revealed why she found it necessary to share information on breast cancer with Indian women.

The strong woman said that many Indian women were not fully aware of breast cancer, so they couldn't detect the disease soon. Even if they don’t have a family history of the hazardous disease, they should carry out mammograms before age 35. Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife could begin a new life, for her doctor advised her to take the test on time.

Many women didn’t pay attention to regular checkups or mammograms. However, family members didn't take care of their women's health. They were afraid that they could find themselves in serious health problems. Some women even thought that mammograms could lead to the risk of getting breast cancer. Tahira advised that women shouldn't ignore their health condition.

Wonderful women can do many things as long as they have good health. It is normal to take breast examinations because doctors only focus on examining patients. The great woman claimed that breast cancer could come up to anyone; women need to protect themselves from the dangerous disease.


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