Ayushmann's response to wife Tahira's cancer diagnosis news is inspiring

Author |Oct 01, 2018

In an interview lately, Tahira Kashyap, the wife of Ayushmann Khurrana was reported to suffer from a cancer right on his birthday.

Ayushmann Khurrana has recently shared about the way his family could go through the upcoming hard time. They had to find a way to cope with cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgery of Tahira Kashyap, Ayushmann’s wife.

Two weeks ago, Tahira was detected with Stage 0 cancer. Then she had to undergo a one-sided protective mastectomy.

That is truly a shock to everyone!

In an interview with Mid Day, the Indian film actor Ayushmann calmly mentioned that after her cancer had been detected, they still determined to positively face with it. Furthermore, he also revealed that Tahira was diagnosed with cancer right on his birthday party, September 14.

Then they have to make up their minds between two choices - if they should sorrow over the sad news or take it with a positive attitude.

Ayushmann continued his sharing, he said that to overcome it, they had to look on the bright side. Actually, after her cancer was detected, they still chose to watch a movie named Manmarziyaan on that evening.

Ayushmann watched 'Manmarziyan' right after cancer detection of his wife, Tahira.

Then, they told themselves that even having been receiving her detection, they couldn't just come home and grieve for it. So they thought watching a movie would be a better choice. "So, we enjoyed the movie, went back and take her operation's date.” - Ayushmann said.

Having to stay awake during her operation

Ayushmann also revealed that during her operation process, he couldn't have a nice sleeping day in all seven days in the hospital. He just kept staying awake to take care of her. However, he also assumed they were quite lucky when having early detected Tahira's breast cancer.

Ayushmann couldn't even have a nice sleep during seven days.

At that time, Tahira calmly posted a long Instagram statement about her problem. In the post, she explained her issue in detail and spoke out the requirement to have a periodic health examination. 


Also, she told a joke about describing herself as "Half Indian Angelina Jolie". It may be looked back on the time when Angelina went through a dual mastectomy in 2015.

Besides, in her statement, she encouraged all women to check regularly. She wrote that she was given back two times over from a mammogram when she was 35. Just remembered to think of it as a defensive force and get yourselves checked if there came up with any symptom, the actress shared.


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