Atul Kasbekar Denies Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Soumik Sen

Author |Oct 20, 2018

Ellipsis Entertainment, the production house of Atul Kasbekar sent out a statement which aims at refusing all the accusations from the female actor.

Ellipsis Entertainment, the production house of Atul Kasbekar launched a statement which aims at refusing all the accusations from a female actor.

The release of this statement was after this actress of the forthcoming film with the name Cheat India who blamed Soumik Sen, the director as well as Atul Kasbekar, the producer.

These two persons employed their powerplay to sexually assault many women. The public could know this thanks to an unknown tweet. Moreover, the statement also reveals that Ellipsis Entertainment takes no complaint or criticism from the unit of Cheat India’s member.

In addition, this film production house intends to submit a complaint against the unknown Twitter account which has no followers.

Ellipsis also added some further information to state several facts. They disclosed that they are willing to extend their support to this #MeToo movement which is ongoing in India. Additionally, they also encourage both male and female to be cautious of unproven allegations, especially the untruthfully unknown ones.

It is because such anonymous tweet can be malicious things with some hidden motives. Members from Ellipsis Entertainment also expose their sincere hope that these allegations will not weaken the trustworthiness of this movement.

Atul Kasbekar

What Atul Kasbekar Says?

According to the unknown information, Soumik Sen intentionally retold several sex scenes for some women. Then, he requested them to act the similar scenes too. More than that, Soumik even narrated the sensual poems between different shots.

The woman who accused him of molestation revealed that all of such horrific things took place in front of Atul Kasbekar. But, he purposely ignored it as well as showing off a face's grin.

The director of the renowned film Gulaab Gang, Soumik Sen had an involvement in another scandal. The person to accuse him was Chandraye Sarkar. Soumik sent Sarkar tons of lecherous messages during a long period of time in 2012.

Chandraye Sarkar could finally lay a charge against the director of Gulaab Gang. She could do that because she received a huge support from Anubhav Sinha who was the producer as well as the filmmaker of Gulaab Gang.

When talking about this matter, Sinha once said that Soumik had to send him an apology. Additionally, Soumik Sen stated that he definitely apologized her after sorting out the matter with her.

In a talk with Sinha, he also made sure that such an incident would not occur again. And, he wouldn’t let him hear anything from her one more time. After all, it seemed that Sinha hadn’t heard from Sarkar and he supposed that everything would be resolved.


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