Ashutosh Rana Comes To Cinema Not For Huge Income But His Passion

Kareena Kusari |Jan 15, 2019

"I am one of those actors who no one can mimic because the tone of every character is different," said he.

Ashutosh Rana
Ashutosh Rana.

The seasoned actor Ashutosh Rana asserted that his purpose of entering cinema doesn't stem from the huge income earning from his film projects. Instead, he comes to the industry for love and passion for acting. The 51-year-old actor aims for his target of a versatile artist.

The actor who has appeared in several 2018 movies as supporting roles such as Simmba, Mulk, and Dhadak always makes an attempt to renew his image through his different roles.

In a recent interview, Ashutosh Rana confided that he desires respect for his career. He stated that he will feel:

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Additionally, the veteran actor said that he "doesn't have any monetary pressure" due to his limited needs. With his current income, he can have "a decent life". He added.


Plus, he possesses a fairly optimistic viewpoint on his goal of life as well as success in his career. Ashutosh told PTI in the interview.


Ashutosh Rana 1

In his point of view, what was regarded as "off-beat" in the past has become the "in thing" at present. Constantly, he desires to play numerous various characters, and he waits for them patiently. "I did not want to become stagnant with my work," he said. After Dushman and Tamanna's triumph, the actor receives many offers of similar roles from several filmmakers; however, he responded them with refusal.

Besides, Dushman's actor stated that he "feels blessed" because his roles can "touch" the audiences' heart. "I have left a strong and lasting image of these roles in the hearts and minds of a director, musician, actors, industry people and audience," he confided.

On the work front, his upcoming movies including Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Milan Talkies and Abhishek Chaubey's Sonchiriya will be launched in January and February 2019 respectively.


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