Arti Singh Doesn’t See Anything More Than Friendship With Sidharth Shukla

Mohnish Singh |May 04, 2020

Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla were participants on Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13. Rumours of them being a couple had been around even before they entered the show.

Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla have been linked to each other for the longest time now. Last year, the duo participated in Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 13, but rumours about them being more than friends had been around even before they entered the glass-walled house.

Arti Singh and Sidharth Shukla always denied the rumours, though. However, their camaraderie inside Bigg Boss 13 set many tongues wagging as people could see how well the two got along. Arti Singh was always by Shukla's side and the latter also never shied away from supporting her whenever required.

Sidharth Shukla
Arti Singh & Sidharth Shukla haven't spoken after Bigg Boss 13

However, during a live chat with her fans, Arti Singh clarified that she and Sidharth are great friends and it showed inside the house. Post Bigg Boss 13, however, they have not even spoken with each other. The actress added that Sidharth is a good guy and although they are friends, she does not see the two of them ever becoming a couple because temperamentally, they are different.

Taking the side of Sidharth, the actress said that he is not short-tempered and it was the situation in the house which made them all frustrated. He is a nice guy and that is why they always supported each other.

Arti Singh is hoping for the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic to end as soon as possible so that she can get back to work. She may even settle down in the near future. She said she would like to start working as soon as the lockdown gets over. Her mother, as well as brother Krushna (Abhishek) and sister-in-law Kashmera, want to see her married and settle down. She would like to be with a guy who is simple and a good human being.

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