Arjun Rampal Updates An Emotional Post After His Mother Passed Away

ThuDH |Oct 29, 2018

After a long battle with breast cancer, Arjun Rampal’s mother, Gwen Rampal draws her last breath on Sunday night. After the funeral, Arjun Rampal posted an emotional note on the Instagram on Monday to express his appreciation to the support of family, all doctors who took part in his mother's treatment and close friends who are always with his family in the darkest times.

He updated a photo of his beloved mother on the Instagram and captioned that his mother draws her last breath on October 27th, 2018 after a long time suffered from breast cancer. In the post, Arjun expressed his gratitude to the doctors, who had tried their best to help his mother, and his beloved family and all friends who had always prayed for his mother.


Earlier, Arjun Rampal posted a clip on his Twitter to share that his beloved mother, Gwen Rampal, was suffering from breast cancer. In this clip, he told about how dangerous cancer is nowadays. He mentioned that after realizing the disease, although his mother received the treatment and recovered, her cancer recrudesced after ten months. He also added how the hospital helped them in the darkest times and how it was very important for him to create this clip to help people out there who are fighting the same thing.

The actor’s mother, Gwen Rampal, was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer over four years ago. During her journey against cancer, Arjun Rampal always accompanied and encouraged her. The actor also shared his mother’s condition on Twitter several times.

Arjun's co-workers in the film industry including Harshwardhan Rane, Kim Sharma, Abhishek Kapoor and Gurmeet Choudhary attended his mother's funeral in Mumbai on Sunday to pay their last tribute to her. His ex-wife Mehr Jessia and two children Myra and Mahikaa were also in attendance.


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