Anu Malik Ran His Hands All Over My Body, Says Anonymous Woman

Author |Oct 20, 2018

Just yesterday, an anonymous woman revealed that Anu Malik sexually assaulted her during the 90s as he unzipped his pants and asked her to lick his private parts. Now, another anonymous woman has...

Break in the news, an anonymous account comes out with a serious accusation against director Anu Malik for sexually assaulted her.

In her statement, the anonymous woman brought back her painful memory when Anu Malik molested her in his studio in Mumbai a few years ago. Previously, another also narrated her horrific story that Anu Malik unzipped his pants and asked her to lick his private parts. Anu 1

“You should wear a chiffon sari next time you meet me”

According to the woman, few years ago, she was still a struggling singer who first met Anu Malik. However, the second time of meeting with the producer turned out to be a nightmare. Firstly, the famous singer approached her said ‘you must be so lonely if there no one to hold you” as she confessed she did not have a boyfriend.

After that, he even come closer and asked her to donned a ‘chiffon sari’ in the next meeting. Anu 2

“He ran his hands all over my body”

In the panic with what she had heard, she stood up immediately but the director grabber her then ran his hands over her body.

When she noticed that she was in a sound-proof room and no one could actually hear out even she scream loud, she was struck with panic. Anu 3 However, she managed to get out of his embrace and said loud: “What do you think you are doing?”

The harasser then answered her in a voice like nothing just happened, saying: “No, I am happy with my wife. I am just a sensitive man!”

“I ran and saved myself”

“I ran away and was so relieved when finally made myself on the road again”, she confided.

According to the anonymous woman, she narrated her story to her friend who is a daughter of a famous singer, her friend said: “Anu Malik strikes again”. Anu 4

She could not files a claim because there was no evidence

When asked about if she would lodge a complaint, the woman told MidDay that she could have done nothing because there weren’t CCTV cameras to record what happened.


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