Anu Malik Has Been Targeting At Girls In His Daughter's age

Maanyata Thu |Oct 22, 2018

Bollywood music director, Anu Malik, has continued to receive more accusations of sexual harassment. Singer Alisha Chinai, who used to work with him in the 1990s, believes that everything written about him is true. Also, she expressed that she always supports the women who have found the courage to speak up. Earlier, singer Caralisa Monteiro also has accused Anu Malik of having inappropriate behavior to her.

Alisha Chinai had accused Anu Malik of harassment in the 1990s. This happened a few years ago and they both reconciled when becoming co-judges of Indian Idol. Lately, she decided to pursue the matter in court. In the latest interview, she shared her story and expressed how she felt. Alisha Chinai told that when she brought legal charges against Anu Malik, she had to fight alone.

This was an unimagined landmark verdict and a restraining order passed against him. Anu Malik has repeatedly asked for her forgiveness so she decided to forgive him and forget what happened to her.

According to Alisha Chinai, Anu Malik has been targeting at girls in his daughters’ age. He often invited them to his house. The niece of two famous composers, Jatin and Lalit, unveiled that Anu Malik has brought to her a horrible experience.

The well-known music director has two daughters named Anmol Malik and Ada Malik. Moreover, Anu Malik’s house seems to be his favorite place to perform his inappropriate behavior toward girls. He even does not care about the presence of other family members, his wife and daughters.

Anu 2

Earlier, Singer Sona Mohapatra had made misconduct accusations against Anu Malik. After that, Shweta’s account said that she experienced this horrible thing when she was a 15-year-old young girl. Through Shweta’s story, many women have told their stories and revealed the truth.

However, Anu Malik’s lawyer had denied all the claims. He said that all the allegations against his client are completely wrong and groundless. Anu Malik admires the #MeToo campaign but it is horrible when they use the campaign to begin a character elimination mission.

Alisa Chinai also said that Anu Malik’s reputation is famous in this industry. He has two famous nephews. They are the composer, Amaal Mallik, and Singer Armaan Malik. This made him felt protected by his colleagues and family. Many producers and filmmakers such as Sajid Nadiadwala, JP Dutta, Gulzar, Sajid Khan and Rakeysh Mehra still cooperate with him. They seem to ignore his bad and ugly behavior.


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