Anisha Padukone Happily Shares A Wedding Photo Of Deepika On Instagram

Author |Nov 14, 2018

Deepika - Ranveer Wedding is one of the most anticipated weddings in Bollywood. The couple has contributed a lot to the home movie scenes, attracting millions of not only domestic but also international fans.

Those who love the couple are eagerly awaiting their wedding of the century. They sent a lot of good wishes to the bride and groom-to-be when gearing up to enter a new chapter of life.

However, information about the wedding has not been officially announced by the couple, but thanks to a status on the Instagram of Deepika's close sister - Anisha Padukone.

Anisha Padukone Updates Her Instagram Status As “#Ladkiwale”
This is Instagram Status As “#Ladkiwale” that Anisha Padukone recently!

Anisha Padukone Updates  Deepika As“#Ladkiwale” on Instagram

Everyone knows this is a funny girl. She further demonstrates her humour when she calls her beloved sister "#Ladkiwale"

Anisha Padukone Has Not Shared Any Pictures, Yet!
Two beautiful ladies are shining on the event!

Anisha Padukone's Instagram fan also urged her to update the other couple's wedding photos as quickly as possible. People are looking forward to the information.

The Padukone Sisters Always Stick Together
The Padukone Sisters Always Stick Together and love each other so much!

The love between the sister of the Padukone

The beautiful twin sister Padukone remain a healthy relationship with each other. They stand side by side in every event and shine together. They always give wings to each other on every forum and magazine. "I'm so proud of you, my little baby girl... @anishapadukone."

The Padukone Family
The Padukone Family can't wait to prepare for a new wedding!

Padukone family home

Currently, the Padukone family is excited about the upcoming special event - Deepika's wedding with actor Ranveer. They also hope that the talented couple will be happy in the new chapter of their life with many meaningful memories!

The fans also wish them the best things in their life with happiness and success!


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