Alia Bhatt's Mom Reacts To Zaira Wasim Quitting Bollywood, Citing It Incompatible With Her Islamic Faith

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 02, 2019

“I just hope she grows up to realise that if you love what you do, that is exactly what God would want for you", Soni Razdan wrote.

Though Indian's film industry has numerous Muslim movie star, there are far fewer Muslim actresses, especially from the divided Kashmir region where Zaira Wasim came from. The actress, however, shocked her fans and industry friend when announcing she decided to quit Bollywood because it is incompatible with her Islamic faith. 

Zaira Wasim is a young talented actor and a rising star whose acting skills was proved by various accolades she received such as Best Supporting Actress for Aamir Khan's superhit Dangal  Aamir Khan and Most Promising Newcomer (Female) award given by Star Screen Awards for the same film.

Zaira Wasim Aamir

Recently, the actress just finished shooting The Sky Is Pink which also co-starring Farhan Akhtar and Priyanka Chopra. The film crew reportedly was informed about her decision earlier and she won't take part in the film promotion.

While Zaira Wasim's exit from the spotlight has become the talk of the town, Bollywood celebs are divided in opinion for her reason to quit. Raveena Tandon, Anupam Kher, Niteish Tiwari was among the first few stars who criticizes the young actress while another has voiced their support to her choice.


In the latest, Alia Bhatt's mom Soni Razdan also has a few words for Zaira Wasim.  



She then added that she still respect her decision and would like to welcome her back if she changes her mind one day.


After her note announcing her decision to quit Bollywood, Zaira again posted a message on Twitter wherein she confirmed that her account isn’t hacked and that she is the one who confirmed her exit from Bollywood. Well, all we can say is that Bollywood will miss you, young girl!



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