Alexx O'Nell Opens Up About Divorce From Sweta Keswani

Mohnish Singh |May 04, 2020

Alexx ONell and Sweta Keswani met in 2005-2006. Later, the couple went on to participate in Nach Baliye. They got married soon after.

Alexx O'Nell, who was recently seen in multilingual historical drama Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (2019), does not talk to the media much. But in his latest interview, the actor has opened up about a lot of things, especially his failed marriage with popular television actress Sweta Keswani. Alexx ONell feels that they married too soon, and that was one of the reasons their marriage did not work.

Alexx O'Nell reveals that he met his ex-wife through a common friend sometime in 2005-2006 and immediately hit it off. The actor recalls that it was perhaps his birthday the next day and she came to the hotel with a cake and they celebrated. From that day, they were inseparable.

Alexx O'Nell
Alexx O'Nell met Sweta Keswani in 2004-05.

Alexx O'Nell goes on to add that Sweta Keswani is an amazing actress, who was working very hard all the time when they were together in Mumbai. While he was working outside Mumbai as he mainly did movies, she was in the city. After Nach Baliye, they did not spend a lot of time together. They spent a lot of time together during their stint on Nach Baliye and right after that, they got married. They did not spend much time together the next couple of years.

Alexx O'Nell believes that it was the lack of time which led to their relationship ending prematurely. He says that they grew apart and she was keen to go in a different direction. She did not really want to do what she was doing anymore. In order to follow her heart and achieve her dreams, she had to travel more. And unfortunately, after a while, they realised it just was not working. So, they amicably parted ways and ended their marriage.

Sweta Keswani is currently living in the US and has a little daughter.


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