Ajay Devgn On Daughter Nysa Being Trolled: "Judge Me, But Don't Judge My Kids"

Priyansh Ha |Apr 09, 2019

The actor Ajay Devgn supposes that the little kids don’t need to pay the price for their famous parents.

It’s inevitable for celebrities to be spotted on paparazzi’s radar, no matter where they are or what they do. Not only the actors themselves but their whole family including their kids are parts of the public attention.

Taimur Ali Khan, the little son of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan, is one of the biggest targets of paparazzi. From his outfits, activities at school or on the playground, all are taken under scrutiny as fans can never get enough of his cuteness.

On the contrary, social media is harsh with our star kids including Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s daughter Nysa. Ajay, who never give a tinker's damn about the public attention he gets, has to urge people to stop trolling his daughter.

Star Kids Are Paying The Price For Their Famous Parents!

Talking to a daily on the issue of the paparazzi culture in India, the actor supposes that all kids don’t need to pay the price for their famous parents. It will be better for kids to have their private space, to dress comfortably every time they step out. “It's very sad when such things happen,” said Ajay Devgn.

Earlier, Ajay Devgn's 14-year-old daughter received harsh criticism on the Internet for her airport outfits. Nysa wore a long blue hoodie which covered her shorts. Netizens made fun of her saying that she didn’t wear any pants.

Ajay once again reminds people that his daughter is just a kid; she doesn’t servers those cruel jokes. He also talked in another interview that it was him and his wife who has brought unexpected attention to their kids.

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Nysa Deals With The Trouble In A Positive Way

Regarding Nysa’s reaction to the rude jokes, Ajay revealed that she got upset at first, but she has become stronger and learned how to ignore all the trolls. She even deals with it positively as the young girl took to Instagram to share a post saying she's gaining a lot of new followers.

The Bonding Relationship With His Son

Talking about his another child, Yug, the actor reveals that he is a smart and critical boy. It was just a few days ago when he was on the promotions of his latest film Total Dhamaal. One evening, Yug was watching TV while his dad was watching his iPad. Ajay asked him to go to sleep, and the boy’s reaction is priceless.

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On the work front, Ajay Devgn has just finished the promotions for Total Dhamaal. He immediately jumps into a new project Taanaji - The Unsung Warrior. Meanwhile, Kajol's latest film, Helicopter Eela, hit the theatre last year.


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