After A Rs 35,000 Jacket, Priyanka Chopra Just Got Her Dog A Rs 1 Lakh Travel Bag

Priyansh Ha |Jan 26, 2019

After getting a luxury jacket which worths Rs 35.000, Priyanka's pooch Diana has just got her new travel bag which costs up to Rs 1 lakh. Is lavish life something you're dream about?

If you have been followed Priyanka Chopra for a while, you surely know how much love she gives to her adorable pooch named Diana. And of course, Diana’s life is as lavish as her superstar owner.

Diana, recently took all the spotlight appearing in a luxury jacket which worths Rs 35.000. The little pooch was accompanying Priyanka in her honeymoon in LA with her husband, Nick. In case you didn’t know, Diana has her own stylist (who is Priyanka’s stylist Mimi Cutrell), and her lavish life can make you get jealous.


A Fancy Travel Bag Which Cost More Than Rs 1 Lakh

Yesterday, PeeCee just shared a new post of Diana sitting in her new travel home. A light blue travel bag for a small pooch which costs Rs 1 lakh. Can you believe it?

It was Mimi who chose the fancy travel bag from GOYARD Voltigeur. Indeed, it comes from the latest collection for pets Chic du Chien of GOYARD, and these luxury items are things that most of us can never afford to buy. But it’s PeeCee, so it does do a matter to her. 47469288 1119893961519579 6694253785298635831 N

A Puppy Life That We’re Dreaming About

If you want to know how a life of a celeb’s pooch looks like, visit Diana on her own Instagram account with nearly 100.000 followers. You will see the adorable puppy with newly-updated posts which show her travelling around, wearing fancy dresses, taking naps and lounging poolside. This puppy seems to have a life that we’re dreaming about.

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In facts, Diana was adopted by Priyanka after being with her in a set of video in 2016. Since then, the 2-year-old puppy became PeeCee’s BFF that she is always on her side, posing and having a great time together.    


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