Adah Sharma Exclusive Interview: “2019 Has Been A Fabulous Year For Me”

Mohnish Singh |Oct 28, 2019

Adah Sharma is playing an important role in Neil Nitin Mukesh’s upcoming thriller “Bypass Road”, directed by his younger brother Naman Nitin Mukesh.

Adah Sharma, who has several successful movies to her credit, will shortly be seen in an upcoming thriller drama titled Bypass Road. The movie also stars dashing Neil Nitin Mukesh who is also the co-producer of the film. Bypass Road marks the directorial debut of his brother Naman Nitin Mukesh.

Ahead of the theatrical release of the film on 8th November, STARBIZ sat down with Adah Sharma for a candid conversation. In this interview, the beautiful actress talks in detail about her journey in showbiz, her role in Bypass Road and some of her forthcoming projects. Excerpts…

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Why are you not in the big league despite being a part of some successful films?

It would be great if my mom was an actress or my dad was an actor. I think that would be awesome. But since it is not enough, I started off by knowing nobody and my social skills are zero. So, for me, to have come up to even getting the first film like 1920 (2008) was a big deal not because I have a doubt on my talent. I believe I am very talented and I have huge potential.

Probably just to get a break in the industry is not just that. I mean I got that solely on the basis of an audition, thank God people audition otherwise I would not have got anywhere. 1920 happened through audition and I am so glad because if I just had gone to meet someone to get a movie, I don’t think I would have got the movie.

How did Commando 2 happen to you?

I auditioned for Commando 2 (2017) as well. I was doing this Telugu film called Kshanam (2016) that got remade into Baaghi 2 (2018) now in Hindi. So, I had Kshanam and a film called Garam releasing in the same week. I came down and auditioned for Commando 2. It was a role of a Punjabi cop actually and then I met the director Deven Bhojani and Vipul Shah sir.

I was just mimicking someone that the make-up artist has this accent and we spoke and I left. Then they called me after a month and they said, ‘We are thinking that a Haryanvi cop has been done by many girls but a Telugu, Hyderabadi has not been done and you did the accent really well and we are thinking we will take you and do it like that.’ They had to rewrite the lines again, they had to sit with the writer, get the slang the way you and I were saying.

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How has been 2019 for you?

For me, this year has been fabulous. I had a release in Tamil which was the one with Prabhudheva titled Charlie Chaplin 2, followed by Kalki which was this Telugu period film. Both of them did really well. There was a short film called Moh. Then there was a web-show called Holiday, which is my debut web series. It is about a girl who goes with three boys. There is a short film called Tinde and now there is Bypass Road which will be followed by Commando 3 and Man to Man where I play a man.

Tell us more about your role in Man to Man.

It is a romantic comedy, like all romcoms are boy meets girls, falls in love and he finds out that she is a man after they get married.

Is there a message or is it a light-hearted entertainer?

There is a message but in a quirky, fun space.

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You said you are not good at social media but you are all over it?

I am excellent in social media but my social skills generally were not excellent when I started off in the film industry. I think it is nice, in social media you can put out stuff without having to actually interact with people. You can just put out stuff.

I was in Paris. I mean Neil flew me down to Paris to shoot with me. That would be nice but that didn’t happen. But we were anyway in Paris shooting for the campaign. And our song released and we were not there on the release day of the song, so we shot that in Paris.

How did the cat pillow come in? How did you think of that?

I thought it would be great as I cannot change my parents right now. I mean I cannot say I want a new set of parents. But we got the pillow, the pillow has got really famous. She has got it verified at Instagram and she is like whenever we go to an event the photographers ask us where the pillow is. So, the pillow has got a movie also by the way. The pillow is debuting in a movie. Nepotism rocks.

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Do you have a fascination for thrillers?

For all genres actually. If my role is really good or if I feel I should be a part of the project, I don’t really think of the genre. If it is well-made if it seems exciting then yeah.

How did you get this role and why did you think of choosing it?

Actually, we did not have dates for the film first, I had to tell them I couldn’t manage but Neil and Naman were really sweet. And they really adjusted dates. I was coming back from Commando 3 shoot. That very night they started with my part in Commando 3. I came back and then the next day we started shooting for Bypass Road.

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What is your role in it?

I cannot reveal too much but it is a thriller. It is a mysterious role. When she enters his life a lot of things change. There is a masked man, a killer.

What is the dimension you are giving to the movie?

You will have to watch it on 8th November.

How were Neil and Naman to work with?

They were awesome. They are very cool boys. Neil has been in the industry for a really long time. He started as an AD, was working as a child artist also. He has a lot of knowledge about films and technical stuff, behind the camera stuff. It was nice to work with someone who knows so much.

Was there any kind of difference in the making of the film?

In every film I think there is always something special that way. I mean you always learn something, meet new people, you interact with new people. The same with these two. I really enjoyed working with them. They were really good people.

What was your part in the song ‘So Gaya Yeh Jahan’?

It’s a recreation of that because they have added the whole new melody in the beginning. This one is sung by Zubin (Nautial) and the other sufi part is sung by Neil’s dad. The situation here is also totally different.

What was Naman’s take on this song?

I think this was a club song, a party song, where they are going to the party and this girl is his intern and he is the boss. He removes the chain and breaks the barrier of the line between the employee and the boss. I think in the song cut you see him doing that because I am his intern in the movie.

And how do you feel about songs and acting in general?

Oh, I love songs. I think songs are great. It is lovely to have great, melody in a movie.

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