Actress Sophie Turner Displayed Elegance At Priyanka And Nick’s Wedding

Kareena Kusari |Dec 07, 2018

Whilst all attention was focused on the duo, another famous actress also attracted the press and the fans’ notice. It is the actress in Game of Thrones, the American fantasy television series, Sophie Turner.

Sophie Turner Joe Jonas At Nick Jonas Priyanka Cho
Sophie Turner in a beige-pink Lehenga & Joe Jonas at Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra's Wedding Party

Sophie Turner attracted much attention at Priyanka and Nick's wedding

Over the last week, the images and information about the marriage of the former Miss World Priyanka Chopra and the American singer Nick Jonas totally engrossed the Indian entertainment industry. Their countless pictures and video clips in the pre-wedding events as well as the wedding party in New Delhi last Tuesday, made audiences fascinated.

Whilst all attention was focused on the duo, another famous actress also attracting the press and the fans’ notice is the Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. At present, she has officially become Priyanka and Nick’s sister-in-law after her engagement to Nick's brother, Joe Jonas.

Sophie was extremely outstanding at the wedding reception in New Delhi. She dressed in a beige-pink Lehenga costume of the famous Sabyasachi fashion brand. The dress teamed with a choker in emerald green and a jewelry Maang Tikka, flattered her grace.

Sophie Turner displayed her grace at the various ceremonies

Also, during a puja festival in Mumbai, Priyanka's hometown, Sophie attracted the public’s interest as wearing a Salwar Kameez embroidered in brilliant red and orange.

Looking at the duo’s pre-wedding photos and videos, the admirers had the opportunities to enjoy Sophie’s beauty in the various ceremonies. Especially, in the Mehendi ceremony, she was ultra-beautiful in a green Lehenga Choli designed the well-known fashion designer Anita Dongre. The British actress’ charm in the traditional Indian costumes made Twitter fans extremely impressed.

Sophie Turner In Anita Dongre Dress
Sophie Turner in a green Lehenga Choli designed by Anita Dongre

Additionally, in a Sangeet ceremony, audiences saw Sophie’s elegance in a ghagra and an elaborate choli. Both of them are the products of the renowned fashion designer Sandeep Khosla. However, through another video clip of the couple, the admirers saw how difficult she performed a dance move in Bollywood-style.

Moreover, Sophi was also elegant and understated when appearing in an attire in champagne color in the Christian ceremony. It comes from the United States’ famous fashion brand, Ralph Lauren.


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