Aamir Khan’s Action After The Audiences’ Critical Responses To VFX In Thugs Of Hindostan’s Trailer?

Author |Oct 06, 2018

Receiving the critical comments on poor VFX in the trailer of Thugs Of Hindostan, actor Aamir Khan has asked the producers to carry out the essential alterations to visual effects in the decisive scenes.

Thugs Of Hindostan
Thugs Of Hindostan's poster

Trailer of Thugs Of Hindostan received warm welcomes from fans ...

In late September, Yash Raj Films released the highly impressive official trailer for its upcoming action-adventure movie, Thugs Of Hindostan. The video clip has reached the massive YouTube views with over 54 million hits just a few days after its launch.

However, according to the latest sources, Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is extremely concerned about audiences’ responses to his film’s trailer.

... but still met the conflicting opinions on the graphics

Aside from the nice compliments, the trailer has got a lot of negative comments. Some viewers claim that it doesn’t meet the expectation as the previous commercials. Even many movie fans blame the bad visual effects (VFX) appearing in the trailer.

According to Dainik Bhaskar, a reliable source revealed that actor Aamir Khan pays special attention to the audiences’ feedback on his film. Therefore, facing some dissatisfaction with the poor graphics in the trailer, Aamir slightly feels worried.

Actor Aamir Khan is making his best efforts to improve the film’s special effects in the short time left

At present, Aamir is in discussion with the film crew. He desires to see the optimum graphics capability to ensure the high-quality action scenes in the film. Throughout the talk, he subtly says that the film really needs the top-quality VFX to satisfy the admirers.

Besides, the famous actor has also asked the producers to carry out the essential alterations to visual effects in the decisive scenes, the source added.

Currently, ignoring some critical comments about Thugs Of Hindostan’s graphics, a big audience is still expecting the film to set a new record of sales and become the new Bollywood blockbuster after its official release in November. Therefore, in order to meet those expectations and support, he is implementing the plan to improve the VFX quality. Its purpose is to please the admirers with as much sparkling and artistic scenes as they can.

However, the official release date of Thugs Of Hindostan is fast approaching. Consequently, it is highly difficult for the post-production team to absolutely change and to upgrade VFX in the film.

Aamir Khan Thugs Of Hindostan
Actor Aamir Khan in Thugs Of Hindostan

Thugs of Hindostan will be released on the Diwali festival

The film will come out on November 8th, just on the occasion of the Indian Diwali festival this year.

In addition to the veteran actor Aamir Khan, the film features one of India's greatest legends, actor Amitabh Bachchan. Thugs of Hindostan marks the first combination of these two Bollywood superstars. Together they play two male lead roles in the movie.

Meanwhile, two extremely beautiful actresses Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif portray the main female characters. This is the reunion between the celebrated actor Aamir Khan with these two attractive actresses.

Thugs of Hindostan is directed by the director Vijay Krishna Acharya. He concurrently takes on the role of the film’s writer. Interestingly,  it is also the second collaboration between this director and actor Aamir Khan. Their previous one was on the movie Dhoom 3 in 2013.

The film’s plot is based on the fiction published in 1839 and written by Philip Meadows Taylor, Confessions of a Thug.


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