5 Prominent Male Actors With The Best Of Their Performances This Year: Akshay Kumar To Shahid Kapoor

Aesha |Dec 28, 2019

This year, these 5 Bollywood male actors assured to nail their every role and deliver the best of their performance to the audience.

This year has seen many famous Bollywood stars go on floors with films of diverse genres and portray material. Whatsoever, there were some actors who assured to nail their every role and deliver the best of their performance to the audience.

Check out the list of five most outstanding male actors in 2019 here.

1. Ayushmann Khurrana


The year of 2019 will be remembered by cinematic history as Khurrana’s year.

The actor managed to knock it out of the park and then did even more stellar job when lending a sensitive and unobtrusive presence in three movies: the magnum opus on injustice and inequality Article 15, the quirky brown study on gender-bending Dream Girl and the smart ballsy trenchancy on hair loss Bala.

The hits are solid proof for his fearless and sans boundaries talent. Kudos to Ayushhman Khurrana!

2. Ranveer Singh

Ranveer1 Bollywood Male Actors

Portraying Dharavi origined rapper Murad is the strong force of Ranveer Singh. Tightly squashed into the mosquito eye-sized rooms in Dharavi, he genuinely aspires to fly. Murad’s face brightens every time he can meet Saifina, his ultimate love lady. The rapper role of Ranveer Singh is pinned with a dream which will never be considered less important.

The actor got into the skin of his character in the best way possible. He was like a different person in specific circumstances. When Murad speaks, he is one dubious chawl ka chokra attempting to squirm his route through the unlit alleys of his indecipherable dreams. When Murad is beside the ill-treated mother (played by Amruta Subhash), he is the devoted son whose desire is to get rid of his stiffly self-centered father (played by Vijay Raaz).

There is no doubt that Gully Boy has been that widely acclaimed and even reached as the initial entry of Academy Awards with Ranveer’s acting and of course, other stars’ contributions.

3. Akshay Kumar


It is beyond any doubt that Akshay Kumar is the finest actor in today’s Hindi cinema. For Kesari, the muted passion apparent in his altered body language, as well as his inclination to point out the truth with no demure which he brought to Ishar Singh, is exemplary.

In Mission Mangal, hats off to Akshay Kumar for sharing his spotlight with numerous lovely ladies that only aspire to soar.

4. Saif Ali Khan


For an actor to achieve the emotional intensity and grueling physical like what Saif Ali Khan did in Laal Kaptaan is daring. His character gets haunted by demons and it’s one thing that can’t be seen by naked eyes. One of his capsule line in the movie goes, “What’s the worth of a wound it is visible to the eye?”.

Saif, in the performance which will classify his career, shifts like a ruthless spirit in a quest for revenge. Although the movie did not work well, Saif’s work will make Taimur proud one day.

5. Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Bollywood Male Actors

As for Kabir Singh, the actor portrays his arrogant and toxic creep with an enraged aptitude for raging emotions. The Kabir part seethes with displeasure and bursts out like a variety of body fluids. However, some commented that his depiction lacks feral unpredictability and freshness comparing to that Vijay Deverakonda put into his role in the premier Telugu version.

On another hand, there was one comment saying that the venomous feelings never really reached Shahid Kapoor’s eyes. It was the case of an actor with full control of the emotions of his role, but not very able to process those to the fullest.

Although it was commented by some as a flawed performance, Shahid Kapoor brought about a remarkable work and contributed big time to the huge success of the movie.


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