"The Verdict Is 75% True Story", Says Ekta Kapoor's ALT Balaji Series Star Viraf Patel

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Aug 09, 2019

The show "The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati" also features actors Angad Bedi and Elli Avram in the key roles.

Actor Viraf Patel, who will be seen playing a pivotal role in the Ekta Kapoor's ALT Balaji series The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati. He says the show maintains a proper balance between reality and fiction.

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The Verdict: State Vs Nanavati is based on the 1959 case of KM Nanavati versus the State of Maharashtra. It involved the murder of a man called Prem Ahuja by Naval Commander Kawas Manekshaw Nanavati due to the former's sexual relationship with his wife. The Akshay Kumar-starrer Rustom was broadly based on the case.


In the Ekta Kapoor show, Viraf will portray the role of Prem. 'Prem Bhagwandas Ahuja was a successful Sindhi businessman, with a taste for the best of cars, alcohol, and women. The suave bachelor hosted "talk-of-the-town parties" back in the prohibition-era Bombay (now Mumbai), while his automobile showrooms across the city flourished.

His sister Mamie Ahuja was his only family, and together they were involved in a lot of charitable work within their community. In 1959, what started as an affair with Sylvia Nanavati, eventually led to his death and sparked a row between the Sindhi and Parsi communities; a communal war that continued long after his demise in a country of divided opinions.

Viraf Patel In Offical Trailer The Verdict State V

"After my first reading session with the creators and director, I asked them about how much fiction and reality would be there in the show. I was told it's about 75 percent real and 25 percent fiction, to convey reality effectively. There are several moments in the script that made me think, wow, this happened in my country. I guess that's an interesting aspect of being part of true stories that are interesting to watch," Viraf told IANS.


The Verdict... maybe about a court case in 1959, but the writing quietly casts doubt on our progress as a country and society at large. Apart from being an engaging story told craftily, it also has some really valuable questions regarding women's rights and plight in there," he added.


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