Shashank Vyas Keeps Harassing and Bullying Co-Star Donal Bisht On The Set?

ThuDH |Oct 25, 2018

Rumor suggested that Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht recently had a lot of verbal quarrel while they were filming a sequence.

Rumour has been floating around that Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht recently had a lot of verbal quarrels while they were filming a sequence. It is a common thing that co-stars do not get along with each other on the sets. In the past, there have been lots of rumours about big names like Drashti Dhami–Vivian Dsena (Madhubala), Hina Khan–Karan Mehra (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai), and Rashmi Desai–Siddharth Shukla (Dil Se Dil Tak) are not getting along with each other but being professional enough to make the audience believe in their chemistry on screen.

For the audience, who enjoys watching the love story of Ishita and Roop, their love chemistry makes film's fans want a similar love story. But how is their relationship behind the scene?

In detail, Tellychakkar reported that while Donal was filming some scenes for the film and she had to do several retakes, Shashank started to laugh at her. After that, Donal felt very angry with his rude behaviour and they then turned up in a big fight. When asked about this incident, two actors blatantly dismissed the reports and called them baseless. Shashank Vyas said that people are making up these things and it has been completely blown out of proportion. Later, they both share the same opinion that they were always positive, happy and light-hearted on set.

According to a close source, Shashank Vyas is having inappropriate behaviour to Donal Bisht, who just stepped into the film industry for one year.

Shashank Vyas is unfriendly with Donal Bisht!

There are several gossip story that Shashank Vyas is unfriendly with his co-star Donal Bisht since the first day. It is said by the entertainment portal that this has happened for a long time.  "The issue between two actors happened almost weeks after the leap. Actor Shashank had some issues with Donal Bisht", the entertainment portal claimed.

Shashank Vyas made Donal Bisht Embarrassed!

At first, Shashank just teased and pull her leg but after that, he began to humiliate her. Shashank has often pointed out her faults openly. This has made Donal Bisht "embarrassed in front of the  crew."

Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht have a lot of quarrels!

A major quarrel happened when Shashank was not satisfied with Donal’s acting in a scene so he asked her "to do a better scene", and Donal responded that she spoke about her scene with the director. And this is how the verbal fight started.

Shashank sound like an order, not just a suggestion

Another Roop’s actor, who refused to reveal his name said that Shashank Vyas only wanted to give his opinion, which seems like an order rather a proposition. Sometimes, he even had doubt about Donal’s acting capabilities. "Shashank normally prefers to provide his perspective, which sounds more like an order", an anonymous co-actor said.

Shashank Vyas claimed that he works restlessly whenever he receives a new role!

Shashank even stopped a shooting to go talk to the channel how hard-working he was. He wanted to ensure people will recognise his prominence. Furthermore, he claimed the actress enjoyed fame and fortune since she co-star with him in the film and then become a heroine. Before that, Donald name was nothing in Bollywood.

Shashank Vyas gibed at Donal and said that she is not well-known actress

According to a reliable source, Shashank certainly has several issues with the actress or maybe he is just apprehensive. The source added that Shashank tends to insult Donal by saying that she is not as famous as he is. He just wanted to be the centre of attention by asking the track run around him instead of focusing on Donal. Reportedly, the actor even went to the channel and suggested to replace her position.

Shashank Vyas refused to chase Donal’s character

He once declined to chase Donal’s character in the film. He expressed that as a male lead, he doesn't have to chase a woman. He even asked to change name of the show into the name of Donal’s character, Ishika after this incident. "If you want to give her more important why don't you replace the show's name as Ishika from Roop", Shashank Vyas claimed.

Shashank Vyas cribs and wants everyone to pay attention to him

Another verified source, who used to be Shashank’s co-worker confirmed that the information is true. He also revealed that most of his co-workers in a show "were so upset with his behaviour that they refused to take his gift" (Shashank gave his co-worker T-shirt as a present on the final day)

Donal Bisht do not want to say anything about the problem

When asked about the same thing, Donal Bisht expressed that she and Shashank enjoy doing the shooting as well as rehearse and they discuss their scenes before giving the final take, as everyone perceives scenes differently. Also, she added that she wants to stop talking about this problem.

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