"People Are Shocked To See Me In An Intense Role", Says "Barot House" Series Star Manjiri Phadnis

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Aug 27, 2019

Since it’s based on a real story, I also did my little research and was immediately very excited about it”, says Manjiri.

One of the best horror-thriller web series of ZEE5 Barot House is written by Sanjeev K Jha and produced by Ten Years Younger Productions LLP, Dhirajj Walks of Art Pvt and New Born Films LLP. The film talks about the Barot family and the unexpected events which surround them.

A suspense drama with many twists and turns, it will make the audience wonder if insanity can be a part of one’s bloodline. Barot House stars Amit Sadh and Manjiri Fadnnis in the leading roles and is helmed by Bhargava ‘Bugs’ Krishna.

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Manjiri Fadnis in the role of a grieving mother does not have much to offer. She is also suspected by Amit to be cheating on him but the tension and guilt, if there's any truth to Amit's perception about his wife's character, are not explored as genuine emotions that would have fleshed out her role more.

Talking to an entertainment portal, Manjiri talked about her casting and also experience on a digital platform.

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“It was a very simple process. I received a call from the production team and they told me about the concept. Since it’s based on a real story, I also did my little research and was immediately very excited about it”, Manjiri said.

Amit Sadh And Manjari Fadnnis In Barot House Trail

“And when I finally met Bugs, the director, I got the vibe that I want to work with him, and follow his vision. He is a sweetheart and one of the most lovely and talented people I have met in the industry. Then when I got to know that Amit Sadh will play the male lead, I was blown away. He is an amazing actor and we had a great experience shooting for the film.”

Outfit Of Official Trailer Barot House 2019

When asked about her appearance in the digital platform, “To be very honest, I was a little taken aback when I got to know there would be four kids (laughs). But when I heard what the film was about, it overpowered my apprehension. It was a no-brainer for me and I would have been stupid to not do it. Also, I feel times have changed and today actors are seen as only actors. It doesn’t matter if you play a mother as long as you can perform,” Manjiri concluded.

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The digital platform is content-driven nowadays, Manjiri said, “It is brilliant. Filmmakers, producers, actors - everyone is getting a chance to experiment. When it comes to cinema, people are scared to take chances. Also with box office numbers and returns involved, people want to play safe. With the digital medium, that fear is gone. The audience too, after getting exposed to different content and world cinema, has evolved and matured. That has given rise to more meaningful and content-driven projects.”


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