Malkhan Siingh Exclusive Interview: “I Enjoy Playing Lord Shiva”

Mohnish Singh |Aug 26, 2019

Malkhan Siingh is currently seen as Lord Shiva on Sony Entertainment Television’s popular mythological show “Vighnaharta Ganesh”, which recently clocked 500 episodes.

Malkhan Siingh, who began his acting career with the 2013 film Kamasutra 3D, is currently seen as Lord Shiva on Sony Entertainment Television’s popular mythological show Vighnaharta Ganesh.

Produced by well-known television producers Rupali Singh and Abhimanyu Singh under the banner of Contiloe Entertainment, the series hit the small screen on 22nd August 2017. It recently crossed the milestone of 500 episodes as well as two years of its successful run, which is a rarity for mythological shows these days.

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As the entire team celebrates the coveted feat, STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh met Malkhan Siingh on the sets of the show and tried to know about his journey so far. In this chat, Malkhan Siingh talks in details about the success of Vighnaharta Ganesh, his working experience with co-artists Akanksha Puri and Uzair Basar, his life behind the camera and much more.

Your show Vighnaharta Ganesh recently completed 500 episodes, which is kind of a rarity in today’s times, especially for mythological shows. How do you feel?

It feels great. Rupali Singh and Abhimanyu Singh, the producers of the show, gave me this opportunity to play Lord Shiva. It’s all because of His blessing that I could play Him and convince people that I played the character with the best of my ability. I really enjoyed working on the show. It has been a memorable journey so far. All my co-stars have always supported me. Time just flew. It does not feel that it has been two years. I thank God for guiding us all through this beautiful journey.

When you started working on the show did you have any idea that it would become so popular among the audience?

Every actor takes up a project thinking that it will do well. Every actor believes his hard work will pay-off. Today, we have completed 500 episodes and it is all because of our collective efforts and hard work. It is also because of His blessings that we have come so far. Nowadays, several shows fail to go past even five months, but we have clocked 500 episodes in two years. We are still going pretty strong. It feels really great.

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You must have rejected several other offers in the past two years.

Yes, I have been approached for several things in these two years, but when you are playing Lord Shiva on screen, you have to be very careful about what you do because the audience stars seeing you in a very different way. I have said no to several shows. More than the money, it is this character that does not let me go anywhere. I enjoy playing Lord Shiva.

Do you ever regret missing out on other opportunities because of your commitments here?

No, I do not regret anything. What I did not get was never mine, so it does not bother me much. What is there in my hand is mine. That’s it. So I never regret anything in life.

The set of the show is located on the outskirts of the city. How do you manage to travel so far every day?

The production team has provided me with a car and a driver. So I never face any issue when it comes to commuting. Whenever I am required on the sets every day for the back-to-back shoot, I get to sleep for four or four-and-a-half-hour because apart from shooting, I also need to dub for my character. Besides, I also need some time to work out in the gym. So I am managing all of that.

How much time do you spend travelling?

I live in Andheri West. So if there is no traffic, then it takes around 1:20 minutes for me to reach the sets. And if there is traffic, then it may take around 2 to 2:30 hours.

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How has it been working with Akanksha Puri and Uzair Basar, who play Parvati and Ganesh respectively?

It has been wonderful. Akanksha Puri has always given me her full support as a co-star. She has been a fabulous co-artist. Uzair Basar is a lovely boy. He always remembers his lines. We have never faced any difficulty while working with one another.

Before you, Mohit Raina was one artist who garnered a lot of love for playing Lord Shiva on another mythological show. But despite constant comparisons, you have carved your own niche. How do you feel?

I have not broken any long-held image for sure. He played Lord Shiva in his way, I played in my way. God blessed him, God blessed us also. So, I never focus on breaking any image or anything. I just focus on my work and try to do it with as much honesty as possible. He played Lord Shiva really well.  People really loved him in that character. Even my mother used to appreciate him in that avatar.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I shoot for almost 10-15 days a month. On the rest of the days, I practise other things. I practise being a nice human being. I practise not to get stereotype in a particular image. I interact with other people. More than books, I like to read human beings. I try to understand them and their talks. That is also important.

Do you recall any particular incident where someone approached you and praised you for your character?

Yes, I do remember. I had once gone to attend a wedding. There, one old woman walked up to me and started touching my feet. I immediately stopped her. She was like, “Lord Shiva has come to my house.” She gifted me a precious stone which she had purchased from Dubai. She was also giving me 2000 rupees. But I said, “I cannot accept the money, I can keep the stone.” It felt really great.

Would you like to work on OTT platforms?

Yes, why not? I am an actor. If I get a good opportunity, then I would definitely like to work on OTT platforms. I am good at expressing all nine emotions. So I would like to use them whenever possible. The digital medium is a great medium. It has offered employment to so many people, so many actors. It has revived the career of many actors. Moreover, it offers a very broad and diverse range of content. It feels great that the audience has accepted the medium with open arms.


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