Instead Of Kushal Tandon, Jennifer Winget Reunites Harshad Chopra On "Beyhadh 2"?

Jyotis |Apr 02, 2019

Harshad Chopra and Jennifer Winget are reported to reunite in "Beyhadh 2". Harshad Chopra will take on the lead instead of Kushal Tandon.

Right after having known that Kushal Tandon would not appear in the next season of Beyhadh, a rumour was raised among the netizens that Harshad Chopra and Kasautii Zindagii Kay's star Jennifer Winget will reunite in Beyhadh 2.

This is good news for the ones who are interested in Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget's romantic drama Beyhadh. Reportedly, Left Right Left's star Harshad Chopda will replace Kushal, take on the lead role, opposite Jennifer Winget in this next sequel. Their fans put a great expectation on the chemical reaction between Jennifer and Harshad on screen.

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Image: Bepannaah

In the first season, Beyhadh received a positive reaction from the audiences, draw great attention in the Indian TV film industry thanks to its gripping drama, pacy narrative, and amazing characters. Jennifer Winget has excellently completed her role as Maya, conveyed every single characteristic of the character. Meanwhile, Kushal Tandon played the role of Arjun Sharma, a man who initially fell in love with Maya, tied a knot with her and had to pay an expensive cost for the romantic decision.

About Bepannaah, despite having an impressive beginning as a thriller, the film immediately turned out a regular TV drama with the tested tropes and twists. Moreover, the film created disappointment among the audiences and its actors because of the sudden ending. Harshad and Jennifer has expressed their dissatisfaction on the hurried end.

Kushal Tandon

According to, "The abrupt end of Bepannaah was a disappointment for one and all. Jennifer and Harshad look fab together and are perfect for a love story with intense elements like Beyhadh. They bond well off screen too. While Jennifer is 99 per cent on board, Harshad is quite excited about it."

In the latest interview, Kushal revealed that he would try something new, but not Beyhadh. "I have not heard anything about it. I am hearing about it from you. Honestly, I have done the show and enjoyed it immensely. I would like to take up something that's different," the actor said.


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