Happy Daughters’ Day: Moments To Remember Of TV Daughters And Parents In Real Life

Nalini Suri |Sep 24, 2019

Fantastic off-screen chemistry between TV daughters and parents on the screen is extended to mean for Daughters’ Day. Scroll down to know more!

Daughters’ Day seems to fulfill the love and caring from parents to their daughters including the on-screen pairs. It appears obviously in a lot of moments they share together without a performance in front of the camera. The love carves in how Mini cheers her mother up to get one more step in marriage or the way Kullfi goes side-by-side her daddy’s life.

Paridhi Sharma-Ashnoor Kaur

On the occasion of Daughters’ Day, let’s have a look at some TV actresses in the role of daughters and their off-camera moments with their on-screen parents. Such sweet bonds are likely to boost them up at the top of their characters’ feelings and emotions.

Paridhi Sharma and Ashnoor Kaur

Ashnoor Kaur plays as a subsidiary daughter to encourage her single mom (played by Paridhi) to step further in marriage and enjoy a happy life.

Paridhi And Ashnoor

In touch with each other in real life, Ashnoor said:


Paridhi Sharma Ashnoor Kaur

Meanwhile, Paridhi shared her thoughts about her onscreen daughter:


Divyanka Tripathi and Aditi Bhatia

Divyanka and Aditi reached the mother-daughter goals in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein that makes us desire for that relationship. A range of troubles comes as a challenge for them but none than sacred motherhood can destroy their long-built love for each other.

Divyanka Tripathi and Aditi Bhatia
Happy Daughters' Day

Not only performing on the screen, but they also hit a patch in real life’s relationship when showing mutual sharing and respects.

Aditi comes to say:


Divyanka Tripathi and Aditi Bhatia in budapest
Divyanka Tripathi and Aditi Bhatia in Budapest

The actress continued:


Mohit Malik and Aakriti Sharma

The moments created by Mohit and Aakriti go both on the show and behind the stage by their expression on Instagram.

Mohit Malik and Aakriti Sharma
Happy Daughters' Day

On his onscreen daughter’s day, the actor shared a video and wished her:


Kamna Pathak and Zahara Sethjiwala

In Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Rajesh (played by Kamna Pathak) has nine children, however, she invests special chemistry with Zahara as they both are from Indore.

Kamna Pathak And Zahara Sethjiwala

Kamna revealed:


Samta Sagar and Sarika Bahroliya

Portraying Gudiya in Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, Sarika told about her bond with her onscreen mother:


Samta Sagar and Sarika Bahroliya

She further added:



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