Five Most Interesting Things That "Sanjivani 2" Has Offered Its Audiences

Laavanya Hien |Aug 13, 2019

It’s time to disclose what you would expect from "Sanjivani 2". Here are the five greatest things that the show has demonstrated to allure the audience.

Now the 1st episode of Sanjivani 2 is all prepared to hit the screen on August 12th. Thus, it’s time to disclose what you would expect from this show. Here are the five greatest things that the show has demonstrated to allure the audience.

The love-hate relationship between Namit Kanna and Surbhi Chandna

It’s never boring to see foes-turned-friends and enemies-turned-lovers. The 2nd season of Sanjivani 2 will depict Namit as Dr. Sid and Surbhi as Dr. Ishani. Though these two people will encounter each other in one unfortunate situation, it promises to be filled with chemistry and not-to-be-missed memories.

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Not-to-be-missed medical cases

One of the greatest points that Sanjivani 2 has offered its audiences is that the show creates attention-grabbing medical cases to instruct the viewers. Additionally, it belongs to the genre of a popular medical drama; hence, the above-mentioned medical cases seem to be a must throughout the show to be equally crucial to the topical drama.

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Management-related political theme

If you keep updated with the show, you can easily identify that Sanjivani 2 not only portrays medical cases but also bring out a management-related political theme. Especially, along with several unsaid tales to be soon explored later, the drama will be pleasing.

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Funny star-studded cast

There is no denying that the characters in the show have helped audiences have an enjoyable time. For sure, you can’t stop watching this super fun show as several new characters have awesome comic timings; thereby making viewers burst into laughs.

Sanjivani 2

Drama, romance, and medicine

Sanjivani 2 knows how to challenge viewers because it deals with peeling off each layer, then revealing the way every character in the show handle their concerns and bolstering its drama quotient at the same time. During the show, there is a mix of medicine and romance together in which Namit and Surbhi will share beliefs, opinions, and even interests to cure the patients.

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