Jason Tham On "Sanjivani Season 2": There Is Baggage And Pressure To This Sequel But You Guys Will Love It

Priyansh Ha |Jun 26, 2019

The actor also revealed how he clicked with Namit on their first meet and how everyone fell for the adorable Surbhi Chandna.

The most anticipated show Sanjivani Season 2, the reboot of Star Plus’s original Sanjivani which was on-aired more than 15 years ago, is all set to return this year.

While the original featured Gurdip Kohli, Sanjeet Bedi, Mihir Mishra, Mohnish Behl, and Rupali Ganguly in main leads, the next installment will star new cast including Surbhi, Mohnish alongside Namit, Sayantani Ghosh, Gurdeep, and Jason Tham.

In a recent interview with PinkVilla, Jason Tham has opened up about his role in the sequel and the experience being on the set with the cast.

Jason Tham
Jason Tham (Source: Instagram)

According to the dancer-actor, he will be seen in the role of a bookworm doctor who knows everything about medicine but being bad at applying it. He also revealed how he came across the casting call in January and was only settled down recently. 

He Is Close To Namit Thanks To Their "Delhi Connection"

When it comes to his first meet with the cast, the 29-year-old actor shared that they met each other for the first time in the look test and print shoot, in which he immediately got along well with Namit as they had so many things in common, especially their "Delhi connection". Meanwhile, Surbhi appeared to be the most beloved one thanks to her sweetness and sense of humor.

Jason Tham 1
Jason Tham (Source: Instagram)

They Are Under The Pressure Of Making It Up To The Expectation

Jason also added that the whole team is intriguing for how the audience responds to the show. In fact, they can feel the pressure at certain levels as the first installment is a legend, people expected its sequel to do the same and they’re raving for the show.

On the contrary, the actor strongly believed that the production house is on the right track. Everything is only getting started. Even when he’s afraid that the script might be uninviting at some point, he is sure that the audience will fall in love with the show.


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