Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2: A Secret Erica Fernandes Kept From Her Family

Author |Sep 14, 2018

Erica Fernandes has always been known for her beauty and popularity. Now she has amazed us for being such a secret-keeper!

The whole world may have to agree that Erica Fernandes is a great secret-keeper. However, she just spilled one little secret that would take you by surprise!

Erica has been quite busy on the set of Ekta Kapoor's Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2. Recently in her interview with a leading daily, Erica shared that nobody knew about her landing the role of Prerna, including her own family! Only when it is known to the public that Erica is playing this iconic part, that her father actually knows of it.

Erica Fernandes Reveals A Secret Regarding KZK 2!

Erica could not contain her excitement on sharing about playing the character of Prerna. Before any official statement was made, Erica was specifically asked to keep it confidential. And she is truly good at keeping secrets, even with her beloved father. And then, only a couple of weeks ago, her father knew of the great news from the media. Erica said that her father was very very proud of her.

But why would they ask Erica to keep it secret so seriously? Well, let's imagine how surprising the show is going to be! The producer - Ekta Kapoor - is going to reveal some information soon. Meanwhile, fans are being teased by the TV czarina about the Komolika's role. Today, Erica posted some choli designs - specially created just for Komolika.

Reports also have it that the Komolika role is being played by actress Hina Khan. Moreover, Hina will be donning the trademark earrings that hopefully will create a Komolika accessory trend. However, Ekta has not fed us with any news about her famous antagonist, just like Erica. Now, we would have to sit still and await the big revelation from Ekta!

It is both funny and amazing to see actresses living in the same home with their parents and would have to keep their lips sealed about their upcoming project. Don't you think that she always wants to tell them about the next great opportunity she will be working on?

They would feel proud and assured by hearing such good news.

But in this case, Erica's father got the bomb on the news, just on a random day. Hmm, what do you think her father told her first when they met after the revelation? Anyway, she has done a great job in keeping the promise with the production team. And every secret is a good surprise, we can rest assured that Erica will even surprise us more with her work in the role of Prerna.


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