"American Gods" Season 2 Trailer Release: A Confrontation Of Old And New Gods In An Epic War

Priyansh Ha |Jan 22, 2019

The first trailer of American Gods Season 2 has just been released on January 20, which unveiled an epic battle to take control between the old and new gods.

In spite of the chaotic production, Starz has finally made it to the first trailer of American Gods Season 2. The 2-minute video unveiled an epic battle to take control between the old and new Gods.


Ian McShane, in the role of ruthless and cunning Mr. Wednesday, shows up in the first part of the trailer, talking to Shadow Moon about the return of the old Gods.

Ancient Gods Are Ready To Fight Against New Gods

Being revealed as disguised Norse God Odin, Wednesday tell the story of himself and other ancient Gods of parthenos like pre-Islamic Arabia, Norse, and Africa. He explains how these supreme Gods became wretches fighting desperately against the attack of the internet, technology, media, the American new Gods.

According to him, people brought ancient Gods along with them when they first arrived in America. Thousands of cathedrals, churches and stone circles were built. Bitterly, these supreme Gods gradually became forgotten and abandoned while new Gods raised in, trying to destroy the old one. “War’s coming, Shadow. I have a big role for you. Time to ride,” said Mr. Wednesday.

A carousel appeared in the trailer with a sign saying, “Rules: No riding the carousel.” Indeed, the lighting revolve speed could make you want to die of nausea.

Laura Moon, Shadow’s undead wife, alerted him that Wednesday is in danger. Leprechaun added that everything come at a price which he hasn’t paid yet.

Meanwhile, the new Gods are all geared up to set the fire. They want to set Wednesday back (as Germanic and Odin were defeating them in the last episode of season 1).

“This is America - the greatest story ever told. Are we ready? I am,” says Wednesday in the trailer closing.

Based on the same name award-winning novel of Neil Gaiman, American Gods is a TV series which was created by Michael Green and Bryan Fuller. Due to a disagreement, both of them stepped down for the season 2. The new cast also excludes few names such as Kristin Chenoweth and Gillian Anderson.

Season 2 of American Gods will be back on March, 10th.

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