McKamey Manor: No One Has Completed A Nightmarish Eight-Hour Stay In This Haunted House

Rose Advani |Oct 31, 2019

This Halloween, you will be so sick with the most terrifying haunted house in America - McKamey Manor. What actually happens during the 8-hours stay in?

There is a terrifying place you can not mention this Halloween - McKamey Manor, the scariest haunted house in America. The haunted house located in Summertown, Tennessee, with its owner, Russ MCKamey. The man offers the $20,000 for anyone who can suffer 8 hours in the haunted house.

No one has succeeded yet!

McKamey Manor is the most terrifying haunted house
McKamey Manor is the most terrifying haunted house

To join the physical game, you just pay a 50-pound bag of dog food. However, any participants must be over 18 years old with a good result of the health test and sign in the 40 waivers.

Russ McKamey - The owner of McKamey Manor haunted house
Russ McKamey - The owner of McKamey Manor haunted house

You can not imagine what is going to come to your lives when you step into this haunted house though the owner Russ gives you 2 hours to watch the previous players. You might think you understand what will happen to you in this haunted house. However, the experience can change depending on the new strategy of Russ McKamey for each participant.

Here is the most terrifying place in the world with full of crazy things as eating cockroaches, being buried alive, fighting to survive Saw-like contraptions. You might face some disgusting things as eels, tasers, and paintball guns that make you scream out.

As estimated, the waiting list of participants has crossed more than 30, 0000 people hoping to take this opportunity and get confident that they may finish this haunted house to gain the $20,000 award.

The owner of McKamey Manor haunted the house, Russ McKamey has released his new show ‘desolation’, which deserved viewers the most extreme haunt experience.

He said at WGN-TV: "Nobody's even made it to the starting clock with this new show." He added: "With the new mental game, it's much more difficult. And because of that, no one's even started the clock."

Alert!!! Carefully check the requirements and rule to enter McKamey Haunted House:

  • Be 21 years old (if not you need your parents' permission).
  • Complete a full of physical sport test.
  • Signed a 40-page waiver.
  • 2 hours of watching the failure participants complete the haunted experience (during the video you will hear the repeated spoken "You really don't want to do this").
  • And pay a 50-pound bag of dog food.

For each participant, Russ carefully searches about them and find what to terrify them most to deserve them the scariest experience on this haunted house. He uses everything from intense audio, lighting to fog effects for the most frightening experience.

This Halloween is so sick for these scariest scenes
This Halloween is so sick for these scariest scenes

"Because that's what the Manor is. It's a mental game. It's really me against them,"

The haunted house has also become the scene in some of the thrilling movies as included Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Rear Window, Birds, and so on.

Here is the list of the most haunted houses in the world that make you Halloween night was so sick for a search:

  • The Drish House – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Jesse Lee Home for Children – Seward, Alaska
  • McCollum-Chidester House – Camden, Arkansas
  • The Whaley House – San Deigo, California
  • Molly Brown House – Denver, Colorado
  • New London Ledge Lighthouse – Groton, Connecticut

Would you dare to enter the haunted house where no one has completed the tour of 8-hours stay in with the scariest things on the earth? This Halloween night must be so sick.

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