Hilarious Pics of Cats and Dogs in China Wearing Facemasks to Stop CoronaVirus

Hanima Anand |Feb 18, 2020

Though the Coronavirus outbreak seems to worsen this week, people in China still find fun ways to deal with it. The pictures of cats wearing facemasks to avoid nCoV quickly go viral on the Internet after they’re posted. See them here!

According to reports on February 18, the total number of coronavirus infectious people in the world has climbed to over 71,000 while the death toll is 1,873.

Governments worldwide are adopting measures to stop the spread of this novel virus, including every possible means.

In China, people not only protect themselves but also try to ensure their pets against this deadly epidemic. And this is what happens when they can’t keep their pets indoor!

When you want to go for a walk but the virus is still there.

The cats are worn human facemasks with only two tiny holes cut for the eyes. The pictures soon went viral on social media. Some found it overloaded with cute while others think this is serious warning of the Covid-19 outbreak.

After the first pic was posted, a lot of Weibo users also shared hilarious moments of their cats wearing facemasks, both in reality or in imagination.

When your fate depends on your owner's craftsmanship.
Not everyone is pleased with the protection.
Indoor imaginary facemasks for double security   

Not just "the boss," dogs are also equipped with trendy facemasks to avoid the virus. However, these masks look more fit than those of their cats' counterparts.

Facemasks for these dogs look more fashionable huh?

However, according to WHO – The World Health Organization, there isn’t any evidence of pets infected with Coronavirus but the Chinese government opposed this.

The belief that pets like cats and dogs can spread the virus to humans has led to heart-wrenching stories in China where owners threw their cats out of high buildings for fear of nCoV.

Cats were thrown off from high buildings in Beijing.

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