F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone Is All Set To Welcome His Fourth Son At The Age Of 89, Third Wife Fabiana Flosi Is Only Half Of His Age

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 06, 2020

At the age of grand 89, Bernie is now a father of 3 daughters. So this summer, he is expecting his first son with his third wife Fabiana Flosi who is 44.

The 89-year-old ex-Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, has validated the latest info about his 44-year-old wife’s pregnancy with their first baby. In a recent interview, he even revealed the gender of the baby, saying it is a baby boy and the due date is set in July. At the age of grand 89, Bernie is now a father of 3 daughters. So this summer, he is expecting his first son.

Bernie Ecclestone Fabiana Flosi 1
Bernie Ecclestone 89 and his third wife 44 (left) and two of his daughters (right)

Talking about his soon-to-be-born baby, Bernie couldn’t contain his excitement waiting to let his boy play backgammon in the future. Like every parent, having a healthy newborn is the only thing they wish for. The former Formula 1 chief also shared that he didn’t expect his child to develop any kind of interest in Formula 1. Clearly, Bernie wants the soon-to-be-born baby to follow his own path! Despite his age, Bernie doesn’t have any worries about having a newborn at the moment. According to Bernie, being 89 or 29 makes no difference to him.

Bernie Ecclestone Fabiana Flosi 2
Having a son at the age of 89 doesn't do a matter to him

Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone and his 45-year-younger wife finally tied the knot in 2012, soon after the end of his 24-year marriage with his second wife. The pair have been sharing an extremely lavish and happy life together for years. When it comes to the luxurious lifestyle, the 89-year-old billionaire is showing no sign of slowing down. His third marriage with Fabiana Flosi is all about luxury and living to the fullest.

Bernie Ecclestone Fabiana Flosi 3
Bernie and two of his daughters Tamara and Petra.

Being one of the most wealthy people in the world doesn’t prevent Bernie Ecclestone from keeping a strong bond with his family, especially with his three daughters. He first became a father when having Deborah, 65, with first wife Ivy Bamford. In his second marriage with Slavica Radic, he continued to welcome 35-year-old Tamara and Petra, 31. Three of them are all delighted for his good news. In fact, Bernie’s second daughter Tamara was the first of the family to publicly speak about it.

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