Employer Refuses To Hire 25-Year-old Girl Who Never Has A Boyfriend

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 23, 2021

Miss Zhao almost got the job the employer the last question changed the final result. Find out what question she got!

When it comes to a job interview, the employer might come up with a lot of bizarre questions and criteria to evaluate their candidate. While many companies try to avoid hiring married women as they might be neglected at work, this China-based company goes with the opposite idea and refuses to employ a girl who has never been in love. Keep reading to find out the reason she is rejected!

woman job interview
Miss Zhao almost got the job the employer the last question changed the final result

A competitive candidate

Miss Zhao is a 25-year-old proactive and ambitious lady who has experience in the customer service field. She applied for the same position in a game company in China and was highly appreciated by the employers. With her skills and experience, the young and beautiful girl strongly impressed the employers and almost got the job. However, it was the last question in the interview that was a twist to the result.

When being asked about her personal love life, Miss Zhao confessed that she has never been in any relationship before as all she wanted to do was to stay focused on her studies and work.

woman interview
She was rejected just because she has never had any boyfriends

An unexpected result

This answer let the employers down as they supposed that only people who have problems in communication and socializing failed to find a partner. As working in the customer service field, being in a relationship is important as you will have a deeper understanding of other people’s emotions.

This bizarre reason stopped Zhao from getting her dream job as the employer decided to reject her for the vacancy. They also added that even when she is able to get a boyfriend in the future, the girl would be likely to get away with the relationship and could not stay focused at work.

In fact, Chinese employers have a lot of odd regulations for female employees. Earlier, a young woman who applied for the same company was rejected just because she didn’t wash her hair before showing up to the interview.

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