The best free gaming products for Indian gamers in 2023

Ragu94 |Jul 03, 2023

As well as following the latest news from Hollywood and listening to fresh music, the people of India enjoy gaming.

As well as following the latest news from Hollywood and listening to fresh music, the people of India enjoy gaming. In fact, Indians are gaming on a wide selection of platforms these days, although free gaming opportunities arguably stand out more than most.

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With the emergence of smartphone and tablet gaming, alongside more common propositions through a PC and a console machine, Indian gaming audiences are now filled with a variety of gaming adventures that can be enjoyed on a selection of different devices. Commonly explored titles at the moment include the likes of Grand Theft Auto 5 and FIFA 22 on console and PC machines, while smartphone and tablet gamers are exploring a diverse collection of games, from Clash of Clans and Call of Duty: Mobile, to classic online casino games like poker and the 777 Royal Wheel casino game. Essentially, for the average gamer, there is an abundance of gaming products to session in the modern world.

One issue with gaming in 2023 is the steep cost of it, though. For many Indian gamers, free games therefore represent a more appealing gaming opportunity. From downloadable products on mobile to games that can be explored through an internet browser, let’s assess some of the best free gaming products for Indian gamers right now.

Free browser games are a good option

A great affordable gaming option, browser titles are still popular in the modern environment, despite the enhanced gaming opportunities that can be had on a selection of different gaming platforms. While browser games certainly don’t offer the detail and all-around sophistication of PlayStation machines and many mobile releases, they serve up enough entertainment to become a viable option. Some browser titles are classic games that have been modified for modern gamers, while others are new releases that have been created for the community. Likewise, some websites specialise in puzzle games, while others serve up a diverse collection of releases that will most definitely keep you firmly entertained. For some fantastic browser games, the best websites include Armor Games, Big Fish Games, MiniClip, Kongregate, and 247 Games.

Even Netflix offers games now

Accessible through Google Play and the App Store on smartphones and tablets, Netflix has added another layer to its service with the introduction of a variety of games. While the gaming products by Netflix aren’t technically free due to people paying a subscription for the service anyway, the extensive catalogue of titles by the company is certainly a welcome bonus, particularly as subscribers can now explore a diverse range of entertainment options on the platform, from Bollywood movies to fun games. The games on Netflix are worth sampling, too. For some, products that are released alongside leading shows, such as Stranger Things, are enticing, while other gamers are exploring zombie-filled masterpieces. Overall, though, whether you’re keen on Stranger Things: 1984, Heads Up!, or Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, Netflix’s solid selection of games are worth trying.

Mobile gaming doesn’t break the bank

If you’re keen to embark on a mobile gaming journey, then there are plenty of options that are worth your time. One of the many reasons why people enjoy gaming on a small handheld device is due to its portable nature, but also because it doesn’t cost much to sample ether. With most games being completely free or very cheap, mobile gaming doesn’t break the bank. The best smartphone games right now includes Ludo King, Free Fire Max, Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground, Asphalt 9: Legends, Among Us, Clash of Clans, World Cricket Championship 3, Apex Legends Mobile, Roblox, Clash Royale, Coin Master, and Candy Crush Soda Saga.


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