[Photo Gallery] The Irresistible Beauty of Russian Karate Hottie Maria Zotova!

Hanima Anand |Feb 21, 2020

The Russian karate national team member Maria Zotova is not only famous for her powerful martial movement but also admired worldwide for her flawless figure. See her pics below!

Maria Zotova is a 20-year-old karate girl from Russia. She is a national team member and was U21 Russian karate champion on August 26, 2019.

Maria Zotova With T Shirt
This Russian karate champion can knock men down either with her kick or beauty!         

Looking at Maria Zotova, one may not think she is a martial art master, but a professional Victoria’s Secret model instead. Why? Take a look at her body!

Maria Zotova Photo
Even professional models get jealous of her figure!
Russian Karate Girl Maria Zotova
Her body is the result of a ten-year karate training.

Maria Zotova was born in Klin, Moscow and took up karate at the age of 10 under the guidance of her father.

She was invited to join Russian karate national team 3 years ago when the coaches in the Russian Students Sport Union karate championship spotted her budding talent.

Maria Zotova Russian Karate Girl
Maria Zotova loves travelling but it seems she hasn't come to India yet.

In 2018, she won bronze medal when competing in Russian women team for World Karate Championships in Madrid.

Russian Karate Girl Maria Zotova In Top
This girl has a black belt in karate and is entitled Master of Sport.

Last year, the black-belt karate hottie participated in U21 national championship and won gold medal, earning the title of “Master of Sport.”

Maria Zotova Russian Champion
Would you learn karate with a classmate like this?

With this beautiful face and hot body, Maria Zotova’s Instagram account has nearly 40,000 followers. This girl loves travelling and often posts pictures of her trips on social media.

See more of her beauty in these photos!

Karate Hottie Maria Zotova
A smart beauty with black belt, watch out!
Maria Zotova Pics
Her sexiness is irresistible!
Maria Zotova With Shorts
That figure is the dream of all girls.
Maria Zotova Jogging
Beautiful even when jogging daily!

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