Sell His Bike To Play Video Game, Pakistani Teenage Gamer SumaiL Become A Millionaire At 16

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 05, 2020

Syed Sumail Hassan also known as SumaiL, the best Dota players of the world, used to sell his own bike so he can get money to play games, read his full story

As E-sport is now an increasingly lucrative business, pro gamers have become more successful than ever before. Syed Sumail Hassan also known as SumaiL, 20, is one of the highest-earning players with the revenue that’s worth up to $3.6M.

His career started five years ago and sky-rocketed soon after that. By the age of 16, the young man has reached the top of the world after winning multiple prestigious awards. Praised as the Dota 2 prodigy, SumaiL inspires the world with his rags to riches story, check him out!

SumaiL game player dota
Syed Sumail Hassan also known as SumaiL, one of the most famous Data players of the world

Selling his bicycle

The Pakistani gamer, together with his brother, started playing Dota 1 when he was just an 8-year-old boy. That boy soon manifested a degree of talent and passion that helped him surpass all his seniors. With the whole family living on a tight budget, SumaiL didn’t have much pocket money to spend on gaming. He didn’t even own a computer for himself, so in order to play video games, he usually rode to the net shop with his bicycle.

SumaiL admitted that back in the day, he was so immersed in the game that he decided to sell his bicycle for gaming money. Despite spending at least 9 hours per day in front of the desktop, he shown no sign of exhaustion.

SumaiL game player dota
Other players were watching him playing at DAC 2015. AT the moment, Sumail is only 15

Rising to stardom

When he turned 15, his family moved to Chicago, the US. There was an abundance of opportunities in the new city and SumaiL were too smart to let them pass. At the age when most of his friends were still financially relying on their family, SumaiL started his own career as a professional video game player.

January 2015 marks the day 15-year-old SumaiL officially became a member of the E-sport giant Evil Genius (EG). Starting as a completely unknown, the teenage player quickly gained his well-deserved reputation as one of the most talented players. During his first season, the teen boy conquered not one, but two biggest global competitions namely the Dota Asia Championship and The International 5. At that time, he not only blew everyone’s minds but also got the world to recognize him as the new leader of Dota 2.

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SumaiL game player dota
SumaiL and his team EG win the championship

The inspiration

With an impressive amount of achievements at such a young age, Sumail has become the role model for many youngsters around the globe. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is the prominent living proof of the motto “success has no age requirement”.

In 2016, the Times magazine listed Syed Sumail Hassan as one of the most influential teens in the world. He was the first Dota 2’s player to receive this honor.

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