Full List Of Famous Football Player Neymar's Sexy Girlfriends

Ankita Chetana |Mar 31, 2020

Paris Saint-Germain's handsome footballer Neymar has been rumored to date Brazilian sexy ladies and most of them are famous models or actresses.

With an excellent appearance and stellar performances in football, it's not amazing when the list of Neymar's girlfriends is full of hot and sexy ladies from a country of South America - Brazil. Though the footballer doesn't reveal all of them, there have been rumors about the relationship between Neymar and these following girls.

Bruna Marquezine In Neymar's Girlfriends List
Bruna Marquezine is the only beauty that Neymar publicized to date with. She was born in 1995 and belong to the top model and actress of Brazil. The two started dating since 2012 and have experienced many ups and downs.
Bruna Marquezine
Bruna made her acting debut when she was just 5. The 25-year-old actress has a serious relationship with the footballer. She was chosen as the globe's sexiest woman in 2014.
Carolina Dantas
Carolina Dantas was considered as Neymar's first love when he was 19. Their relationship didn't last long but after that, Dantas announced her pregnancy. The footballer asked her to give birth to their baby and takes the responsibility of a father without a marriage.

anitta - Larissa macedo machado

Anitta is the nickname of pop star Larissa Macedo Machado who is one of Neymar's girlfriends.


Fans once saw that Neymar kissed Anitta when she performed at Rio Carnival in March 2019. Later, the couple was spotted together many times at some restaurants and night clubs in Rio.

Thaila Ayala
In 2014, the footballer appeared beside model-actress Thaila Ayala several times in Ibiza. They were seen in all clubs through the journey and spotted being together in the same yacht.
Neymar once praised Ayala as one of the three sexiest women in the world.
Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans - a famous model and TV star who used to link up with numerous professional soccer players including Neymar. The duo started dating after he parted away from Dantas but eventually came to an end.

Andressa Suita

The Brazilian model had a crush in Neymar and they were together after his breakup with another sexy model named Carol Abranches. Many people saw them close with each other at a night club in Sao Paulo and some other places.

Laryssa Oliveria
Laryssa Oliveria was the last name in the list of Neymar's girlfriends and shared a 1-month relationship with him. The footballer even filed a legal complaint to Oliveria for maligning him.

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