Interesting Facts And Photos About Shahid Afridi Family

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 17, 2020

As Shahid Afridi family is the hottest topic that his fans and well-wisher want to know more about, today, we will walk you through the interesting and special facts about his wife and kids.

Being one of the most famous cricketers of Pakistan who used to be the leader of the national cricket team, everything about Shahid Afridi from his professional front to personal front is the talk of the town. As Shahid Afridi family is the hottest topic that his fans and well-wisher want to know more about, today, we will walk you through the interesting and special facts about his wife and kids.

In addition to that, this article also reveals some rare and unseen photos of Shahid Afridi family that you have never seen before. So keep on reading!

Shahid Afridi Family 1 Shahid Afridi wife
A rare photo of Shahid Afridi family including his wife and one of his daughter

An acclaimed family background 

Being born in 1975 in Pakistan, Shahid Afridi grew up in a family of Sufi pirs with his grandfather Maulana Muhammad is one of the most famous spiritual guides of the nation. Meanwhile, Sahibzada Abdul Baqi, another grandfather of Shahid, contributed to the First Kashmir War in 1947-1948 and was well known as the Ghazi-e-Kashmir (conqueror of Kashmir). 

Shahid Afridi Family 2 Shahid Afridi Daughters
Shahid Afridi family stand along with him in an open match of PSL

The information about his wife remains a secret

When it comes to his marriage life, the famous cricketer tied the knot with one of his material cousins named Nadia Afridi. While he is a prominent cricketer who is well-known not only in Pakistan but around the world, there is only a few information about Shahid Afridi wife Nadia Afridi as she rarely shows up in front of the public and mostly spotted in abaya. However, there a some rare photos of Nadia Afridi emerged on the internet and here is one of them: 

Shahid Afridi Family 7 Wife
An unseen photo of Shahid Afridi wife Nadia Afridi
Shahid Afridi Family Wife
Shahid Afridi wife rarely shows her face in front of the public

All off his daughter name star with A

The couple had 5 daughters together and the interesting facts about their kids is all of their names start with A. Shahid Afridi along with his wife Nadia Afridi and their children: Ansha Afridi, Ajwa Afridi, Aqsa Afridi, Asmara Afridi and one more who arrived lately in February. 

Shahid Afridi Family 7
All the names of Shahid Afridi daughters including the 5th one start with letter A

He gives fan a prize for naming his fifth daughter

Earlier in February 2020, Shahid Afridi welcomed his 5th daughter and invited fans to give ideas for her name. According to the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team, he will pick one among fans' suggestions and reward them with a prize.  Of course, the necessary criterion is it needs to start with the letter A. He tweeted: 

“This one’s for my fans. As you can see there’s a trend of my daughter’s names beginning with the letter ‘A’. Send me your recommendations for our new arrival with ‘A’....the winning name I select gets a prize! Keep the names rolling!”

Shahid Afridi Family 3
Shahid Afridi Family welcomed a new member this February

He got trolls for having 5 kids

While his fans and well-wishers congratulated him on the arrival of Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter, he also got slammed for setting a bad example of the desire to have a son despite having 4 beautiful daughters. Netizen trolled him saying that the all-rounder can make a girl cricket team just to get a son. 

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Shahid Afridi Family 4
Shahid Afridi is now the father of 5 daughters

According to some people, he can adopt children from the orphans and give them a better life instead of giving birth to another one and keep the nation’s population continuing to grow. 

“Your city has reached the threshold of dying in the dying of hunger and you are launching the product? Do 5 more now and prepare the team and make U19. Well done!" wrote another user.

Although being slam for giving birth to many, Shadid appears to be a great dad who manages to spend time playing with his daughters. Check out more funny moment of  Shahid Afridi and his sweet daughter:

Shahid Afridi Family 2
The cricketer frequently takes photos of him and his daughter to his social media handle
Shahid Afridi Family 5
Shahid Afridi family on the birthday of his daughter Asmara
Shahid Afridi Family 6
Despite his tight schedule, Shahid Afridi still manage to spend some quality time with his daughters

At the moment, the cricketer is getting a break from the field as he tested positive to Covid-19 and is isolating from his family and teammates. He is reportedly in good health condition and recovering quickly. Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi family is tested negative to the novel virus.

Above are some interesting facts and unseen photos of Shahid Afridi family that you might not know. Stay tuned with to get more updates about Shahid Afridi and other cricketers.

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