Aviator Guide With Tips How To Win

Ragu94 |Jul 17, 2023

So, here’s our short guide to Aviator. We wish you to find the best casino with fair payments and high Aviator RTP! May the luck be with you.

Why is Aviator such a popular game? 

Aviator is a game of pure chance and dopamine waiting for results. It’s a quintessential “bet and waits,” even simpler than abundant slots in online casinos. 

The 1st releases of that “crash game” type appeared in 2019, namely Aviator (Spribe) and Jet X (SmartSoft) titles. Try the legendary game on aviatorgamble.com.

Why is it called “crash”? You need to bet and get your prize before the plane/rocket crashes/flies away. Another reason: “crash” is a characteristic of the hype that made people root for such products. Since 2019, developers made 100+ variants of the same principle that took the market by storm. And all of them are very engaging!

But today, we’ll learn about the oldest and most well-known crash game, Aviator: the design, the playing, and the tips on winning.

Overview of the Aviator Game

Aviator differs from slots in appearance and mechanics. It has only 1 symbol — a plane, rocket, balloon, astronaut, et cetera. Aviator has a plane, and other titles have other objects.

The plane goes on a game screen, and when it starts moving, the multiplier starts counting. The coefficient multiplies your bet. Thus, it’s your prize. You need to press a button and take the reward while the multiplier’s still counting:

  • If you set off too early, then your prize will be too small;
  • If you set off too late, you don’t get any prize.

So the trick is to get maximum b e f o r e it’s too late. The coefficient may get from x1 to x1,000,000. Which result will you get? It’s purely random. Though the RTP is 97%, you have a good chance of winning. Most slots have RTP lower than that.

Aviator results can be checked via the Provably Fair technology based on cryptography. The game operator generates seeds on the server, and you can check them to see 100% transparent results. Blockchain technology ensures that all information keeps safe and unchanged.

Aviator game interface: Watch the coefficient and win
Aviator game interface: Watch the coefficient and win

How to Bet Game Aviator

So, how to play Aviator on 1xbet and other sites? One of the main pluses is the accessibility so you can play it on any gambling site. Most casinos include Aviator in their collections because players like it. 

So, it’s everywhere, and you can play it on mobiles, PCs, and tablets with iOS and Android systems. The Spribe developer ensured its compatibility with every platform used today. Play it at home or on the go; you get the same engaging experience.

So you want to play Aviator on real money? Then the 1st step will be registration if you didn’t register in a casino yet. The next step is to deposit and find the game on the site.

After opening the game, you’ll see a screen that has such elements:

  • a field where a plane flies, with the multiplier counting;
  • a history bar at the top of the screen;
  • a list of winners that updates regularly;
  • a panel with buttons to control a game.

The most simple bet is manual. You manually switch the stake amount, press the Bet button, wait for the plane, and then Cashout. Next, you can bet more or exit the game. In manual mode, you can manually change amounts and control which round to play, i.e., when to bet. 

Use the Up and Down arrows, Plus and Minus buttons to set your stake. Moreover, you can set 2 stakes at once using 2 controls on the panel. That way, you can hedge your bets. At the same time, you raise your general stake to make wins bigger, but losses are also higher. Be careful!

Another variant is the Auto Bet. Then, you open an Auto menu and determine:

  • an amount that will be automatically arranged;
  • a coefficient when to cash out, also automatically.

But note the Auto mode is hazardous! All auto settings may lead to more losses because you won’t control betting as it goes. Aviator doesn’t have a setting of rounds’ amount, so as you set an Auto bet, it’ll go forever till the money is gone.

The game window is 10 — 30 seconds, so you should think fast. But how to train fast reaction?

Analyze the winner list and the history bar to learn patterns in Aviator
Analyze the winner list and the history bar to learn patterns in Aviator

The best way to practice Aviator

So, the best way to train Aviator gambling is the demo mode. It’s convenient even for regular players. In the history bar, you can see patterns in how the Aviator multiplier works on a specific site or day. And the demo mode allows you to analyze the history bar calmly without risking anything.

So, for starters, open the game and switch to Demo mode. It copies the real money mode in full, except all bets are made in virtual currency for fun, and you won’t be able to withdraw won money. 

Also, the window with other players’ wagers and wins can help to see a pattern and adjust your betting. The free mode is the safest way to test the game and practice the art of fast, skillful decisions. 

You’ll grasp the game faster and safer in the free demo mode. You can test any strategies you like, stake amounts, variants of how to hedge 2 bets, and so on. Use the history bar to analyze your game! Grasping the algorithm, you get a thrilling experience where you decide fast and make a relatively stable income. 

Also, demo mode helps to build helpful financial management:

  • a bankroll amount, so it’ll be enough for the selected timeframe;
  • a distribution of bet amounts along the game session;
  • how much money you need before the 1st win, et cetera.

And remember, don’t chase high multipliers! To maximize your winnings, you should focus on low or medium coefficients. 

So, here’s our short guide to Aviator. We wish you to find the best casino with fair payments and high Aviator RTP! May the luck be with you.


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