Trisha Shares About The 'Cold War' Between Her And Nayanthara

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 23, 2018

Trisha and Nayanthara was rumoured to be in a 'cold war' years ago. Trisha admitted that they sure did not talk to each other and revealed the truth.

Trisha and her high position in the industry is one thing no one could deny. There are 3 keys to her success: Her gorgeous beauty, her outstanding acting skill, and her friendly attitude. For years, she took part in many movies and became more popular when debuting in Bollywood with 'Khatta Meetha' in 2010. Her best two movies are 'Abhiyum Naanum' and 'Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa', which earned her many awards.

Though Trisha is famous for her friendliness, she had some problems in a relationship with another actress. Several years ago, people started to spread rumour that Trisha and Nayanthara were having a 'cold war'. Finally, Trisha made it clear by revealing details about her issue with Nayanthara.


It All Started With A Movie?

One thing is that the industry is surely a competitive environment. Every time a movie has its casting, there will be many choices for a role but in the end, only one person could get it. The 'Cold War' between Trisha and Nayanthara might start with the same reason. Based on a 2018 report from Bollyspice, the two actresses both compete for a role in a movie called 'Kuruvi'. However, Trisha won the place. People started to conclude that Nayan would not happy with this result and the two ladies ended up not talking to each other.

Trisha To End All The Fan Wars And Rumours

Later, the 'cold war' between the two actresses had become the hot issue. Some people protected Nayan, while others believed that Trisha had done nothing wrong. The fan wars seemed to never come to an end until Trisha spoke it up. In an interview with Indiaglitz, the 'Kuruvi' actress made clear of the rumours revolved around her and Nayan.


The Rumours Were Not Completely False

Surprisingly, Trisha admitted that they really had a 'cold war'. They were not talking to each other at that time, however, it was not about the 'Kuruvi' thing. The rift did not start because of a professional matter but it was related to a personal thing.

The Media Had Made A Fuss

Trisha blamed the media for making thing to be such a fuss while it was not really at that level. Due to the false news and rumours, both of the actresses found it hard to talk to each other. However, Trisha also confirmed that the 'personal matter' between them was related to several mutual acquaintances. She just revealed the information as a hint and the people involved in the issue were still a secret.


Trisha Real Words On The Issue


The 'Kuruvi' actress added more details about their relationship. It is true that both Trisha and Nayanthara did not talk before, however, what in the past is in the part. They started talking together again every now and then and the relationship turned out much better.


Their Upcoming Projects

The 'cold war' had ended and surely there is nothing bad between Trisha and Nayan at the present. People are now looking forward to their upcoming projects. Trisha has a role in the bilingual movie called '1818'. On the other hand, Nayan latest movie is 'Imaikkaa Nodigal' and this is sure a big success in theaters. Moreover, Nayan is going to take part in 'Sye Raa Narashimha Reddy' and 'Aramm 2'.

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