Top 50 Most Desirable Men: No.14 - Yash, Journey From Childhood Poverty To Kannada Superstar

Kareena Kusari |May 28, 2019

In spite of his absence from last year's list, with his masculine physique, killer looks and brilliant acting prowess, Yash made a spectacular jump into No.14 spot on the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018.

Have you ever watched and savored K.G.F: Chapter 1's breathtaking success in late 2018? Raking in above Rs 176 crore merely in its 17-day theatrical run, the most costly movie ever in Kannada industry has shattered many records at the domestic box office. The actor who brought the authentic and breakthrough portrayal to the screens is the leading South sensation: Naveen Kumar Gowda.

Yash 3 Tolley Design
Yash. Photo Credit: Tolley Design.

In spite of his absence from last year's list, with his masculine physique, killer looks and brilliant acting prowess, Naveen Kumar Gowda, famously known as mononym Yash among his massive fanbase, made a spectacular jump into No. 14 spot on the list of Top 50 Most Desirable Men 2018.

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Photo Credit: YouTube.

Currently, Yash is one of the bankable superstars in the Kannada film industry. However, his today successful career is the result of his tireless efforts and struggle to escape the poverty of his childhood.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Yash: The South superstar once spent early childhood in poverty

Hailing from a middle-class family in Hassan district's small town with his father working as a bus driver, the young lad Yash decided to move to Bengaluru and joined the celebrated dramatist BV Karanth's Benaka troupe right after the completion of his schooling in Mysore.

The early years of Yash’s career witnessed his struggle on the path to a firm foothold in Kannada cinema. With no roles and no money, the debutant tasted the dark side of Bengaluru as spending nights in the bus stand. The hardships at that point created a strong motivation in the young actor to make it big in the film industry some day.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Yash: Kicking off showbiz journey with TV series and supporting roles in movies

After first experiences of theatre acting, Yash embarked on the television industry with his debut Ashok Kashya's Nanda Gokula. From that day forth, he struggled to carve out a niche for himself through several teleserials for a couple of years later.

It's the second flick 2008 Moggina Manasu which is the most significant turning point in his acting career. The brilliant portrayal in the movie that year brought him a Filmfare Award for the Best Supporting Actor. And the audiences’ awareness of his arrival has started increased since then.

Yash 1 Cinema Express
Photo Credit: Cinema Express.

However, not until two years later did the handsome hunk in Kannada cinema found his initial fame as Modalasala, which hit the cinemas in 2010, became his first commercial solo hit in his career.

After several more box-office successes, 2018 marked the peak of his career as KGF: Chapter 1 became one of the biggest theatrical hits in the Kannada cinema’s history with over Rs 176 crore merely after its 17-day domestic run.

Top 50 Most Desirable Men - Yash: Fairy-tale romance and a happy ending with his co-star Radhika Pandit

After being a part of a theatre group from a very young age, Yash started the television industry with his debut Nanda Gokula in the early 2000s. It was on the sets of this show and his second flick Moggina Manasu where he first met his bride-to-be: Radhika Pandit.

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Photo Credit: YouTube.

Emerging as a commercial success, the female-oriented film Moggina Manasu earned the film crew 5 Filmfare Awards including Best Film and the prestigious accolades for the duo. His future wife Radhika Pandit garnered her initial Filmfare Award for Best Actress, whereas Yash also found his very first Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Yash Radhika Pandit 1 First Post
Yash and his beloved wife, Radhika Pandit. Photo Credit: First Post.

Subsequently, the couple went on to co-star in a handful of flicks, including Drama (2012), Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari (2014), and Santhu Straight Forward (2016).

Yash 2 In Com India
Photo Credit: India.

His friendship with Radhika Pandit during the initial years blossomed into love at a fast speed. After falling head over heels in love for six years, the duo secretly tied the knot in 2016.


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